Custom Air Force Challenge Coins

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Custom Air Force Challenge Coins

Air Force challenge coins custom made for your Air Force squadron. We can custom make any type of Air Force challenge coin you need. The Air Force is where challenge coins originally came from and their long and proud tradition is a testimony to Air Force ingenuity. Originally used in Word War I as a way to help identify shot down pilots over German occupied France Air Force squadron coins have come to be a collectable keepsake for military members.

When designing and building a custom Air Force coin the areas you should look at are the size, shape and plating options you think will best represent your Air Force unit.

The most common size is the 2 coin as it is easy to carry and show off. However coins bigger than 3" are becoming increasingly popular as they look great in the display case and you can add more details to the larger challenge coins.

We can also build any custom shaped coin that you need and we encourage you to browse our gallery of challenge coins below to see for yourself. If you are going for functionality may we suggest looking at our challenge coin bottle openers as these come in rather handy.

As for plating options it really depends on what you are going for with your Air Force coin. If you are going for a very striking look we would suggest looking at having your coins Dual Plated as it gives a very distinguished and striking look to your coins. Silver and Nickel plating are the most common choice for Air Force units.

Please browse the Air Force Challenge coin gallery below to see examples of our work with other Air Force units. You will not find a better made custom challenge coin at a better price.

We provide Free art design and unlimited revisions to make sure we get your Air Force challenge coin order right and we provide Free shipping to your APO. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

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Air Force Challenge Coins Pg 1
Marine Challenge Coins Pg 1 2
Navy Challenge Coins Pg 1
Coast Guard Challenge Coins Pg 1
Special Shape Challenge Coins Pg 1 2 3
Miscellaneous Challenge Coins 1 2

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Coin 1
coin 2
Coin 2
coin 3
Coin 3

coin 4
Coin 4
coin 5
Coin 5
coin 6
Coin 6
coin 7
Coin 7
coin 8
Coin 8
coin 9
Coin 9
coin 10
Coin 10
coin 11
Coin 11
coin 12
Coin 12
coin 13
Coin 13
Coin 14
coin 15
Coin 15
coin 16
Coin 16
coin 17
Coin 17
coin 18
Coin 18
coin 19
Coin 19
coin 20
Coin 20
coin 21
Coin 21
coin 22
Coin 22
coin 23
Coin 23
coin 24
Coin 24
coin 25
Coin 25
coin 26
Coin 26
coin 27
Coin 27
coin 28
Coin 28
coin 29
Coin 29
coin 30
Coin 30
coin 31
Coin 31
coin 32
Coin 32
coin 33
Coin 33
coin 34
Coin 34
coin 35
Coin 35
coin 36
Coin 36

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