Challenge Coin Display: Which One Should You Choose?

When you are looking for a challenge coin display, you will want to take a few things into consideration. The amount of coins you are planning to display is one. Are you going to be adding to the collection? If so, a bigger display is going to be necessary. One that is just big enough for what you are displaying now will not work later when your collection may have doubled.

Which One Should You Choose?

Another thing you will want to consider is the type of display. Are you going to be hanging it or placing it on its own stand? There are various types and they all work fine for the task. Basically, this is going to be your preference.

The wood type that hangs is a good choice. Make sure it has a door for keeping dust and dirt away from the challenge coins. There should be enough glass on the challenge coin display so there is not a problem viewing the coins.

In addition you may want one that locks so you can keep the coins safe from prying fingers. There are some that have decorative locks that will work great for this. Keeping the coins safe is one of the assets of putting them in a display.

The inside of the display is another area you should be aware of when it comes to the material that is used. A dark background will allow your coins to show more and the material should be a felt or a similar fabric to allow the best look.

If you decide that a challenge coin display that sits on its own table is more along the lines of what you want, there are several of this type available. Before deciding on this type, make certain you are going to have the space to sit the table and the d├ęcor fits the rest of the room. This is one reason many people opt for the type that hangs on the wall.

The free standing coin display is available containing levels. This allows more coins to be displayed and makes it easier for viewing. The number of coins that can be displayed will depend upon the size of the display case. If you have a very large collection, you may want to use more than one display and place them at various points around the room. This is an especially good idea if they are going to be displayed in an office or a military setting.

This type of challenge coin display should also have a lock so that the coins can be secured. This is especially true if you have the coins in an office. Some of the coins in your collection may be very rare and you will want to make sure they are protected.

The display chosen will be entirely a personal choice depending upon what type you like the best. When looking for the one that you will ultimately purchase, choose a good type of wood that will last. There are different types such as oak, cherry, pine, walnut and various other types. This will allow your challenge coins to be shown in the very best light possible.


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