Challenge Coins are Becoming More Prevalent in Private Sector

Once reserved for the military, the challenge coin today is being given in private sectors as well. The tradition has gone from the military to government agencies and on to private corporations. In the 1980s a federal law allowed the design of awards for government employees to use a wider range of choices. This has paved the way for the challenge coins to be given for all types of reasons.

Challenge Coins – Identification and Awards

They are collected, given as awards and identification. These medallions are often embellished with an organization’s logo. Given to those who have shown support in the most outstanding way for their company or military unit, they are truly morale enhancers.

Challenge coins, unit coins or honor coins – no matter what they are called, they have the same basis for being given. The provider of the coin gives it as a way of saying a job has been well done. The recipient has shown exemplary behavior or service and is rewarded by being given one of these coins.

Today, the coins are given by many different sectors. The police department, fire department and emergency rescue workers have all received these coins for the fine work they perform. These are people who risk their lives every day to make the world a safer place for the rest of us.

Even just collecting the coins has a special meaning as there are so many available to ensure you can have a terrific collection. Some collect only the ones that have been given to military members as awards. Recently the first challenge coins have been showing up from Iraq. The many that were given to those who served on aircraft carriers are another popular one that many people like to consider.

Challenge Coins to Recognize the Ultimate Sacrifice

Some of the most recent recipients of the challenge coin were those who died in Fort Hood, Texas last week. During a ceremony to honor these women and men who died, President Obama presented each of these victims with a challenge coin at the close of his statements.

His distribution of challenge coins have included wounded soldiers he visited in Walter Reed. In keeping with this tradition, the many men and women who are a part of the military serving on bases, aircraft carriers and in combat the world over carry challenge coins. Whether the coin is one shared by those in a particular unit or given as a special achievement award, the meaning is far more than just receiving an award.

At every level of the armed services the challenge coins are being carried and have gained a whole new level of popularity. They are a tradition that cannot be matched. The coins have been displayed, carried and given by those who understand this is a coin that has such a deep meaning that nothing else could compare.

Just as many years ago when the first challenge coins were made, the meaning of carrying one of these coins has not changed. They stand for a meaning that is far more than the average person can understand.


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