Squadron Coins – Each Branch of the Military has their Own

They may be called squadron coins, but they are still challenge coins or military coins – just for each branch of the military. From the Marines to the Army, each unit has a coin or coins that are a tradition for that particular branch of the armed services.

The squadron coins have become a tradition in the military. Those who are active members of the military carry their coins and derive a sense of pride from doing so. The coin carries with it a meaning that provides members of the military with a special sense of belonging to an elite group of people that are serving their country.

The coins provide a morale booster for those who are far away from their home in times of conflict. On the home front, those who are awarded the squadron coin carry them with a sense of pride. They are given to those who have performed excellently as a symbol of a job well done. The first one is usually received when the person successfully completes training in their chosen branch of the armed services.

Veterans often display their squadron coins as they are considered a highly treasured collector’s item. There are display cases for the coins that keep them safe and allow others to enjoy seeing the coins. There are a variety of coins that are considered to be highly collectible as only a few were made. Although many people do not realize what a treasure many of the coins are, those who have been in the military and still are know the significance of a squadron coin.

There are coins that have a historic value as well as sentimental value. They are typically engraved with the squadron insignia and are given to each member of that particular squadron. The first coins were said to have emerged during World War I and were given to members of the United States Army Air Service by a lieutenant.

These first coins were supposedly made of a bronze and were given as a remembrance of the time they spent together. The tradition has come a long way since the first coins were given and today they remain as special as they were over 100 years ago.

The coins manufactured today are given by many organizations as well as clubs and have become more commercialized. They are made of many different types of metal and some are embellished with lettering, enamel, designs in 3D and just about any other type of pattern that you can imagine.

They are given for many different reasons today other than the original intention. However, squadron coins given to members of the military still retain the same sense of belonging that was the original meaning many years ago when the first ones were made and given to members of what today is known as the Air Force. The sense of pride and accomplishment is just as honorable today as it was many years ago.

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