USMC Challenge Coins Are Displayed With Pride

USMC challenge coins are displayed in offices and homes to show the pride of the owner. The typical owner may have several of the coins and display them in a case hanging on the wall or one that sits on a table or desk. Many of the coins are plain with no ornate markings, while others may be quite intricately detailed.

Depending upon the receiver of the challenge coin, it may have a past that is quite interesting or it may be one that was purchased by a Marine as a memento. The coin may be one that has been earned by the service man or woman who is deserving of recognition for honorable actions. Many are traded by members of the Marine Corp while on deployment.

For whatever reason the challenge coin is in the possession of the Marine, the meaning behind the coin is a great tradition in the history of the Marines as well as other branches of the armed services. When one is given the coin by the military it is a sign that they are considered to be a believer in the morals and ethics that are a part of the code of standards expected of the Marines.

USMC challenge coins are usually made with a design of the Marine Corp and the name of the division in which the Marine is serving. The coin may be made from one of several different types of metal. Bronze is one of the types that are used by many when purchasing the coins.

Other than the material from which the coin is made, the meaning of the coins is one of the major considerations. The sense of belonging that is felt by those who receive the coin is one that cannot be explained to those who have never served. The brave personnel who are consistently putting their life in danger are one of the reasons USMC challenge coins are given.

The bravery shown by those who serve so that others may enjoy the freedom they have today is the ultimate sacrifice. There are those who have lost their life performing this service. For those they leave behind, the USMC challenge coin can be a comfort. Standing for the bravery and courage to make the ultimate sacrifice for the beliefs they have is one of the meanings associated with the challenge coin.

The belief is that all challenge coins originated from the branch of the service that is today the United States Air Force. The opinion varies as to whether this is a true rendition of the beginning of the coins, but most agree this is a plausible explanation.

Although many of these coins can be quite valuable, the true value is in the meaning of the coin. Called honor coins, military coins and pride coins, the meaning is the same. For the USMC challenge coin, the sense of family and belonging that is represented by this small coin is far larger than any monetary value could ever be.

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