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custom challenge coin of the month july 2016

Custom Challenge Coin KFOR-19

Custom Challenge Coin of the Month – April 2018

custom-coin-of-the-month-july-2016-box-1This month’s unique custom military challenge coin was created for the members of the U.S. Army Rangers of the Kosovo Force Multiple National Battle Group East.  KFOR-19, as they are designated, is stationed in Germany and part of the NATO peacekeeping force for Kosovo (formerly part of Serbia, but now an independent nation). This coin was selected because it’s a perfect example of how a unit’s spirit, pride, and distinction of service can be represented by a challenge coin.


At its height, the overall KFOR force represented a total of 39 nations and 50,000 troops.  Their current mission is to keep the peace in Kosovo and they focus on building a secure environment in which all citizens, regardless of their ethnic origins, can live in peace.  The KFOR MNGB-E also assists with the return or relocation of refugees; provides medical assistance, provides border and public security, interdicts weapon smuggling, and protects important cultural sites.  Furthermore, they support the establishment of civil institutions like judicial and penal systems, electoral processes, and other aspects of social, economic and political life in Kosovo.

Custom Army Coin Design Features

KFOR-19’s coin is uniquely shaped like a mask of a Spartan warrior and it’s very large: three inches tall and two inches wide.  It’s finished with brushed brass and an antique look, which is reminiscent of an actual Spartan mask.  At five millimeters, it’s also extremely thick, allowing the front edge to be rounded and give it a three-dimensional look and feel.   The design on the front is a traditional red arrowhead and lightning bolt of the US Army Special Forces Command.  The red arrowhead represents both the specialized skills of a Native American scout and “the tip of the spear” which alludes to the fact that Airborne Rangers are typically the first US Army troops inserted during a ground attack.


The back of the Army unit coin is flat, but has raised edges and raised insignia of the unit’s colonel and master sergeant.   It also includes a map of Kosovo with a NATO star superimposed on it. The mottos of “SPARTA LIVES!” and “EXAMPLE ENDEAVOR ENTRUST” are present on the coin. The unit’s designation of KFOR-19 MNBGE is also on back in raised lettering. All of these features were designed by representatives of this special unit, and it reflects their values and distinctive reputation.


Design Your Own Custom Military Coin

custom-coin-of-the-month-july-2016-box-2If you’re looking to design a coin to recognize exemplary personnel in your unit and build morale, then head to our custom challenge coin design guide to get started.   


Unit Coins believes in making only the highest quality products that will last for generations to come and honor the brave men and women serving in all branches of the US military.  The tradition of challenge coins continues to grow and it’s our pleasure to provide servicemen and women with a token of their devotion to our country and their fellow soldiers.  Unit coins delivers premium custom challenge coins at the best possible price, so start designing yours today!

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