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APRIL 2020 – 101st Airborne Division

This army coin was designed to commemorate the “Screaming Eagles,” or 101st Airborne Division, which is a light infantry division of the US Army with a specialization in air assault operations. One interesting feature about the coin would be its unique take on the traditionally circular coin shape. protruding from the round coin are four points, that represent helicopter blades, honoring the airborne division. The first side of the coin features an eagle in flight, as well two banners placed directly above the bird of prey, reading “eagle dust off,” as well as the name of the unit. The bottom reads in Latin, “Hene volare vitam salvare,” which translates to “we fly to save lives.” Every design choice on this coin is intentional and speaks to the bravery and skillset of the 101st Airborne Division. The coin makes for a genuine token of appreciation and remembrance. The striking features of this piece also encapsulates the quality and skill of the 101st, while capturing the tenacious spirit of the group.

Meanwhile, the other side also boasts a number of eye-catching features. First the coin features a deep red circular border that reads, “dedicated unhesitating service to our fighting forces,” at the top, with the inscription “Fly well to save lives” encircling the bottom. Centered on the face of the coin is a red cross with an insignia of an eagle and helicopter. Finally, two yellow ribbons adorn both the top and bottom innermost circle of the coin, marking the date of the unit’s deployment to Iraq in 2009. The breathtaking display of color, as well as the varying hues of red, add depth and shape to the coin and serve as a remarkable token of upstanding service.

About the Unit

The 101st Airborne Division, or the Screaming Eagles, is a modular light infantry division of the US Army and specialize in air assault operations. US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, praised the division, calling the 101st “the tip of the spear,” in regard to the division’s capability and efficacy. The Screaming Eagles are also considered to be the most potent, yet mobile of the US Army’s divisions, as stated by Edward C. Meyer, the former Chief of Staff of the Army. The 101st specializes in air assault operations and are fully equipped to plan and coordinate large caliber, brigade-size operations. The division also utilizes their high levels of training to easily mobilize when required. The 101st Airborne Division possesses an incredible legacy, as they have been active for almost an entire century. However, the 101st Airborne Division are best recognized for their role in the grueling Battle of the Bulge during World War II. As of recent, the division had a major role in Operation Iraqi Freedom by providing support to the 3rd Infantry Division in 2003 by clearing out remaining Iraqi strongpoints and served as an asset of the occupation forces of Iraq. The division was extensively utilized in 2003, serving as a source of additional aid and support, and continuously serve their fellow men and women in the armed forces with their impeccable skills and experience. This coin encompasses the large-scale history of the division’s service as well as the 101st in a completely unique piece of memorabilia that acknowledges the full legacy of this airborne division. Every design choice is intentional and focused on embodying the spirt of the Screaming Eagles, from color choices, to crisp text and imagery.

The Power of Custom Military Coins

At Unit Coins, we advocate that custom coins communicate and connect memories associated with a certain team or time of service together and strive to honor and respect those in the armed forces with our craftsmanship. Custom coins pay tribute to the unsung heroes, who’s selflessness and bravery work to keep us safe. These priceless, custom-made gifts express gratitude and acknowledge years of dedication and hard work, while upholding tradition.

The practice of sharing military coins among members of the armed forced has been a tradition since World War I, and foster community togetherness, and pride between fellow military personnel. Military coins are a token of appreciation and symbolize a particular moment or group that carrying infinite meaning. Military coins are memories that can be held, collected, and displayed. However, we see the value and authenticity that comes from custom designed military coins, so we have a variety of mean from which you can contact us so you can turn your ideas into reality. Wether by phone or email, feel free to contact us and we can get you started.

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