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April 2021 – The 450th Civil Affairs Battalion

What gift can best encapsulate a job well done? What token can showcase the hard work and dedication to those who have served our country? At Unit coins, we understand the timeless bond that is created from being a part of a battalion, squadron, or unit. Our custom military challenge coins celebrate the comradery and family forged by a particular battle, shared experience, or group. We work with you to design a coin that is entirely unique, bold, and striking. Our team is dedicated to celebrating memories that will last for generations. Unit coins values the legacy of challenge coins by offering a wide array of design options to reflect the spirit of a particular battalion or squadron. An example of such superior craftsmanship would also be April’s coin of the month. This month’s coin is sleek, sharp, and reflective of the diligent and dauntless 450th Civil Affairs Battalion. 


Design Specifics & Features 

This coin is illustrative of our limitless design ability specifically in regard to specific shapes, symbols, and specifics. The contrast between the silver and black elements of this coin is particularly striking. On the first side of the coin brandishes a bold silver skull at the center, with three corresponding black circles with eight rugged, pointed arrows. Above the skull reads, “Chaos Co,” with the name “450th CA NB (A),” short for the 450th Civil Affairs Battalion, embossed across the bottom of the coin. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin is a variety of detail-work with pops of colors. First, a thin, navy band encircles the boarder of the coin’s face. Across the top of the coin reads, “Commanders Award” in gold lettering, with “For excellence” embossed on the bottom of the coin. Centered in the middle of the coin is the 450th Civil Affairs Battalion Unit Crest with the slogan “Peace or War, Calm or Storm” across a bold green banner. To the left of the Crest rests a gold lieutenant commander insignia, and a first sergeant insignia to the right. 


The 450th Civil Affairs Battalion or “Chaos Company”

Constituted on March 20th, 1951, the 450th Civil Affairs Battalion, nicknamed the Chaos Company, is comprised of mostly organized of US Army Reserve Soldiers. As a unit they have been active on and off since April 13th, 1951. Some of their campaigns include: the Liberation and Defense of Kuwait where they aided in a cease-fire, as well as offering their expertise on the Global War on Terrorism. The Chaos Company’s role within Civil Affairs is to further their mission of facilitating the countrywide implementation of maintaining the peace and to support the general population through peacekeeping missions led by the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations. They also walk the line as one of many battalions that serve as the link between local authorities and communities and the UN mission. 

The 450th Civil Affairs Battalion adheres to three core roles while in service. They are: 

  1. The monitoring, facilitating, and representing of cross-mission at the local level.
  2. Building confidence, managing conflict, and offering support to reconciliation.
  3. Offer support to the extension and restoration of state authority. 

The 450th Civil Affairs Battalion has been dedicated to preserving and maintaining peace by rushing to deescalate conflicts in the US and beyond. At Unit Coins we recognize and thank all those who have served in the 450th Civil Affairs Battalion, or Chaos Company, and are proud to have designed a coin in honor of them. 


Your Best Choice for Challenge Coins 

When it comes to gifting or designing a challenge coin, you want to be sure that the design, craftsmanship and creative ability will be up to par to best commemorate your team. At unit coins we understand the significance of gifting challenge coins and are willing to work with you along the way to ensure a good product. We provide exemplary coins for exemplary service. As a veteran-owned business, we know firsthand the pride that comes with receiving and showcasing custom challenge coins and are proud to uphold tradition. Each coin we make is designed to capture a moment in time for years to come and are dedicated to servicing you. From free quotes to unlimited revisions, our team are not satisfied until you are. We encourage you to browse our site and use our tools such as our coin guide and pricing guide to help create your one-of-a-kind token. The team at Unit coins is always available via phone or email, so why wait? Contact us today to design designing your own custom military challenge coin!

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