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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month – August 2017

Custom Challenge Coins To Celebrate Your Unit

Every unit has a story to tell. The United States military is steeped in deep tradition and an appreciation for heroes of the past as well as the present. Most military personnel will tell you that they are just a tiny piece of a much bigger whole. “I’m just doing my duty” is the common refrain.

AVDET GTMO, making the Caribbean safe for America.

Of course, the friends and loved ones of military personnel know this is only half the truth. Admittedly, military service makes humility come easy. It tests your mettle, both physically and mentally. It forces you to come to grips with being under command and having only the information you need to know to make decisions, and not necessarily all the information you might like to know. It confronts you with uncomfortable truths about the world and dares you to act.

Luckily for us, our servicemen and women do act. It might be impossible to repay them completely for their service, but we can celebrate their victories, achievements, and heritage.

Custom Challenge Coins for the Coast Guard

This month’s Custom Challenge Coin of the Month celebrates the U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Detachment Guantanamo bay. AVDET GTMO, as the detachment is more commonly known, was established in 1981 in the wake of 1980’s Cuban Exodus. Since then, AVDET GTMO has provided mission-critical logistical support to coast guard units operating in the Caribbean.

Too often, the Coast Guard gets forgotten. This is a shame, since without them, the maritime world of the United State’s coastline would be a much more dangerous place than it already is. When disaster strikes, units like AVDET GTMO are there every step of the way, from first response to ongoing support to collaborative missions with other agencies and entities.

Joint Task Force Guantanamo relies on AVDET GTMO for everything that comes and goes from the island. The AVDET GTMO storekeepers are an essential part of the greater GTMO security apparatus. It is hard to overstate the importance of procurement and logistics for such an operation.

Tools and supplies are critical to the success of any community, and at the end of the day, that’s what GTMO is. The soldiers and sailors who call it home or are just passing through are glad that the boys at AVDET GTMO keep the shelves stocked and the shipments coming. Without them, chaos might break out at any moment. We like to think that wars are won by men with guns, but a smart general once commented that armies fight on their bellies. That’s why we celebrate AVDET DTMO’s hard work and demonstrable excellence with the March Coin of the Month.

The coin itself is made from heavy nickel alloy, lending the exposed metal portions of its faces a bright metallic sheen and contributing to a substantial feel in hand. The “Cuba” face features an enameled black background against which both flush-flat and debossed detailing allow the underlying metal to shine brilliantly. Among the details are a meticulously-rendered silhouette of the island of Cuba and an exquisitely precise debossed rendering of the Coast Guard seal.

The “AVDET GTMO” face is rendered in eye-catching full-color enamel set in debossed-edge panels depicting AVDET GITMO’s seal. The seal is encircled by a navy blue band with “U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Detachment” and “Guantanamo Bay, Cuba” highlighted with raised type and a bright edge. Note the fine roped edge detailing finishing both faces.

Custom Challenge Coins To Remember

Custom challenge coins run the gamut from simple and austere to bright and playful. Each custom challenge coin embodies the taste and ethos of the unit is is struck to represent. Just like our featured Challenge Coin of the Month, a custom coin can be rendered in astonishing detail. There really is no limit to the design options for your custom challenge coins.

Unit Coins is a leading US supplier of custom challenge coins. Veteran-owned and operated, Unit Coins seeks to continue the mission on the home front by honoring soldiers, sailors, and marines in whatever capacity they have served. When you are looking for custom challenge coins made with passion and care, look no further than Unit Coins. We are here to make your custom challenge coin vision into reality. Bring your own design, or let our in-house designers run with your unique vision. Military heraldry, custom shapes and sizes, even coins with moving parts… Unit Coins has done them all. Call us today for an easy, no-cost custom challenge coin consultation.

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