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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month- August 2018

This month’s custom military challenge coin was created for the Combat Logistics Battalion 3 (CLB-3). While this battalion is fairly new in comparison to other battalions inside of the United States Marine Corps they have played a valuable role in the United States military. As a combat logistics battalion they perform six important functions wherever they serve: transportation, engineering, supply, maintenance, health services, and support services to all Marines they serve alongside.

clb-3-1This battalion was activated on June 27th, 2008. They were previously apart of Combat Service Support Group 3 (CSSG-3) on the Marine Corps base located in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Once Combat Logistics Battalion 3 was formed they were move to the big island of Hawaii in order to serve as support to the 3rd Marine Regiment while on board the USS Bonhomme Richard. This newly formed battalion also served in Pearl Harbor to perform security operations for nuclear submarine operations.

Another notable service the Combat Logistics Battalion 3 completed shortly after its activation was as part of the Logistics Combat Element for Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Forces in 2009. The CLB-3 was deployed to Camp Bastion, a military base under the control of the United Kingdom in Afghanistan. Beginning in November of 2008 and ending in May 2009 the CLB-3 provided logistics support. They performed all six job requirements of a combat logistics battalion (transportation, engineering, supply, maintenance, health services, and support services to other Marines on base) not only for the other Marines stationed with them but for the NATO forces also at Camp Bastion. The Combat Logistics Battalion 3 played an essential role in the function of operations for all NATO forces on base.

clb-3-2This custom challenge coins is beautifully done with color on both sides. It has 3D surfaces also on both sides, and is dual plated with high quality brass and silver. A unique aspect of this coin is the swirl edge. Engraved on the coin is the motto of this battalion “Actions, Not Words” in both English and Hawaiian. Then men and women who receive this challenge coin have gone above and beyond the expectations placed upon them. Through their actions they have performed their duties to the highest standard. For a member of the Combat Logistics Battalion to receive this custom coin they must have a history of upholding the battalion’s motto. They are men and women of action and not empty words. To receive this military challenge coin is an honor bestowed upon the most dedicated of soldiers.

At Unit Coins we create high quality military challenge coins for all branches of the United States military as well as for law enforcement and firemen. We believe in the tradition of honoring servicemen with challenge coins and seek to provide custom challenge coins worthy of the men and women they are bestowed upon. When a military challenge coin is presented to a soldier it is not simply given, but earned. We believe that the coins these soldiers receive should be the very best in order to honor them for their service.

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