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August 2020 – 28th Combat Aviation Brigade

August’s coin of the month showcases our custom edging, detail work, and color to produce a custom coin that is truly one of kind. This month we’re highlighting a particularly eye-catching coin in honor of the Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, the HC/MC-130 Recapitalization Aircraft, as well as those with the Aeronautical Systems Center who helped to construct and pilot it. When it comes to design specificities, we have what it takes to make dreams a reality. With years of experience, we understand the painstaking work and craftmanship required to create your custom military or challenge coin. We have been custom designing coins for over ten years, and our work speaks for itself. Have a specific idea in mind when it comes to creating your coin? Get a quote today! Our designers are available to go over design specifications, and with free shipping, and unlimited revisions, there’s no limit when it comes to custom challenge or military coins.


Design Features

This particular coin is reflective of the superior design and detailing ability of our designers here at Unit Coins. Both sides of the coin feature a gold diamond cut wave edging, one of eight edging options we offer. On the left facing side of the coin features a deep blue band encircling the coin’s face, reading “668 Aeronautical Systems Squadron” on the top, and “HC/MC-130 Recapitalization” on the bottom. What is especially distinctive however, is the bold imagery of the HC/MC-130 Recapitalization Aircraft in flight among a stormy sky. Behind the iconic silver and blue Air Force insignia is the weathered horizon of a violent thundering sky, with a lightning bolt bursting through. The use of burgundy reds, soft oranges and deep purples perfectly captures the tumultuous environment, emphasizing the bravery and strength of the HC/MC-130 Recapitalization Aircraft. The aircraft itself is incredibility detailed, and overlaps the Air Force insignia, with one wing positioned over the symbol as if it may fly right off the face of the coin. Overhead you see the thick, stormy clouds and pelting rain, culminating in a breathtaking piece of art that bursts with movement and action. For the finishing touch, the coin features a gold rope border encircling the aircraft, culminating in a visually striking design.

However, the right facing side is just as beautiful. Also outfitted with gold diamond cut edging, the right side again features a blue border encompassing the coin itself. The top reads “Aeronautical Systems Center” while the bottom reads, “Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio” in embossed lettering. In the center of the coin are three ornate insignias, the far left being the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Insignia. In the middle lies the Air Force Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) Insignia, and on the far right is the Air Combat Command Insignia. The design of all three insignias are sharp and precise, with meticulous detailing work and an excellence use of color. The phrase “From The Shadows That Others May Live” encircle the three insignias in bold gold lettering, against an equally breathtaking gold-plated background. From quality edging to precise imagery, when it comes to the appeal of this month’s coin, it’s all in the details.


About the Coin

This coin commemorates the Aeronautical Systems Center, the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and the HC/MC-130 Recapitalization Aircraft. The Aeronautical Systems Center, or ASC, is an Air Force product center that was responsible for designing and developing aerospace weapon systems for the United States Airforce. Though currently inactive, the ASC was located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio and was organized into several squadrons as to speed up the delivery of war winning capabilities. Such squadrons helped in the creation of the HC/MC-130 Recapitalization Aircraft, designed to replace older tanker aircraft models. The craft also provided aerial refueling support as well as the ability to position, supply, and recover specialized tactical ground units. However, on July 20th, 2012 the ASC was formally inactivated by the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This coin honors the ingenuity, collaboration, and teamwork responsible for engineering new aircrafts and equipment, all with the purpose of protecting our country.


Say More with Custom Military Coins

Custom military or challenge coins not only commemorates a certain battle, group, or squadron, but encompasses a certain moment in time. Unit coins remembers a period of history, immortalizing the achievements of those who served in or worked for the United Sates armed forces. Designing and gifting a custom coin adheres to tradition, memorializes the past, and serves as a beautiful token for display. Looking to design a military of challenge coin? We offer a free consultation, so together we craft a timeless gift that will last for years to come.

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