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DECEMBER 2019 – Combat Logistics Battalion 4

What better captures the spirit and force of a team than a custom coin? This month’s custom military challenge coin highlights the Combat Logistics Battalion 4, a unit of the US Marine Corps, and encapsulates the tenacious spirit and morale characteristic of the group. This coin epitomizes the tenacity and bravery of those a part of the unit while simultaneously connecting all recipients together through a shared badge of honor.


About The Unit

The Combat Logistics Battalion 4 works to provide direct support to the 4th Marine Regiment by means of transportation, engineering, field-level maintenance, and intermediate level supply. Based out of Camp Foster in Okinawa, Japan, this particular coin commemorates the unit’s involvement in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). This custom military coin conveys the responsibility and boldness required of such a logistical battalion through its unapologetic use of color and imagery.

The Combat Logistics Battalion 4 is unique from other battalions of its kind in that it was the first full Battalion to deploy from Japan, which had not occurred since the Vietnam war. The Battalion changed from a 3rd transportation Battalion in 2007 to a combat logistics battalion and was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, in the Al Anbar Province in both 2007 and 2009. There they were a means of support to Regimental Combat Team six. Out of the entire battalion, only one Marine was wounded, with no fatalities reported.


Custom Coin Design

This coin flaunts a predominantly green color present on both sides, with a gold rope border to polish off the design. Both sides of this coin are vibrant and clean-cut, with one side brandishing the colors of the Iraq flag, as well as the outline of the continent itself, while the other features a more visually engaging design.

Sprawled on one side of the coin is the bold design of a menacing skull and cross-gun design etched into the face of the coin. It also features a black scorpion and slogan that reads, “with your shield or on it” in two-toned white and yellow text. This saying is synonymous with the Spartans of ancient Greece, as they would rather return from battle, shield in hand, or not, having instead earned an honorable warriors death. Such a creed serves to illustrate the strong-willed bravery and grit associated with the Battalion. The usage of such sayings, as mentioned above, or adoption of particular figures from pop-culture such as The Punisher, or Maximus from the film Gladiator further aid in creating a sense of camaraderie further reinforced through the acquisition of custom military coins.

The same side of the coin also boasts two small Marine Corps emblems intricately embossed in gold. Such bold color and precision showcase the quality and artistry consistent with our custom military challenge coins. Nothing serves better to convey your gratitude towards the armed forces and those who fight tirelessly to protect our country than creating and gifting a custom, invaluable military coin. By gifting a custom coin you are voicing your support and appreciation for the men and women who have fought on our behalf through a customized, quality token of respect.


Why Custom Coins

These coins are personalized and are catered to meet your needs. We are limitless in regards to a coin’s shape or design, with such creative freedom, what better way to communicate your awe and respect towards an individual? Our custom military coins are beautifully crafted with attention to detail and artistry, resulting in a personalized coin to remember a battle, a group of individuals, a team, or moment in time. Custom coins are a shared form of identification that carries weight and stature recognized by all in the armed forces. These precious coins are long-lasting, and designed for display and admiration in recognition of a job well done. Our coins reflect our high standards towards excellence and aptitude. Simply put, these coins speak for themselves.


Creating Your Own Custom Coin

Our designers are talented and equipped to help make your ideas reality, resulting in a commemorative coin that is as unique and irreplaceable to those it’s designed for. No concept is too lavish or complicated for our team. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with you to create a product you’ll be satisfied with. Having trouble translating your ideas? Give our designers a call for a free consultation, and seize the opportunity to begin creating your own custom coin.

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