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DECEMBER 2020 – Marine Expeditionary Force & The National Oceanography Centre

For December we decided to highlight a particular coin made in honor of the III Marine Expeditionary Force. This unit has been a valuable asset to the Marine Corps, and their hard work and dedication is memorialized via this particularly eye-catching coin. This month’s coin in particular showcases our attention to detail, with finite lettering made legible by the best custom coin designers and equipment. Additionally, the coin features bold, brightly colored crests and images to create a rich, vibrant-looking coin that truly is one of a kind. 

Here at Unit Coins we create custom military or challenge coins specific to the group you wish to commemorate. Our team recognizes the significance held in each coin we make and are proud to maintain the tried and true tradition of making and exchanging challenge coins. These coins represent a job well done, pay tribute to a particular mission, group, or battalion, and maintain a sense of community for those who have diligently served out country. This month’s coin is no exception. Have a design or idea you want to bring to life? Call or email our team at so our team of experienced designers and craftsmen can turn your ideas into a timeless token of appreciation. 

Design Features 

This month’s coin is particularly fascinating because of how each side of the coin’s face stands in contrast to the other. One side of the coin is particularly colorful and striking, utilizing color to add depth and contrast, while the other side of the coin’s face is reminiscent of a classic all-American challenge coin, complete with the official insignia of the United States Marine Corps set on a gold face. Together, both sides provide a perfect balance of the various styles we have to offer at Unit Coins. 

Both sides share two beautiful gold diamond cut swirl borders, with another thin gold border encircling the center of the coin’s face. The first side features the phrase “MAGTF Network Operations Center” across the top, and “III Marine Expeditionary Force” etched on the bottom. In the center of the coin is a black background, with an image of the globe and several prominent crests and symbols placed over it, all representing different aspects of the III Marine Expeditionary Force. Inside the black circle, the phrase “It’s a hard NOC life,” hovers over the globe, short for naval operations concept. Then, beneath the globe reads “Saving the world one link at a time.” 

Meanwhile, the other side of the coin features the beautiful gold insignia of the United States Marine Corps, encircled by the same small circular border. Outside this border reads “United States Marine Corps,” and the Latin saying “semper fidelis,” which translates to “always loyal,” the moto of the US Marines. To finish off the design, two gold stars are placed either side of the coin’s face. 

More on the Unit 

The III Marine Expeditionary Force was designed to rapidly conduct operations, from disaster relief to humanitarian assistance. They function as a formation of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force of the US Marine Corp, and have been active from 1942-1946, and from 1965 to present. III Marine Expeditionary Force have been crucial in many humanitarian or disaster relief missions, most recently in 2013, where the group served to aid the Philippines after a devastating attack by Typhoon Haiyan. In support of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the US and Japan, the III Marine Expeditionary Force has kept a steady presence in both Asia and Japan. Currently, their headquarters are in Okinawa, Japan. By providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid to those who have suffered directly from natural disasters, the III Marine Expeditionary Force is a group to be admired and respected, filled with Marines and sailors dedicated to protecting the lives of others. 

The Significance of Challenge Coins

For generations custom military or challenge coins have been made and exchanged to express gratitude and foster a sense of community among fellow service men and women. Our coins speak to a sense of shared memory, hard work, and resilience. When searching for a coin that fits the caliber of those you’re looking to honor, you also want to be assured of the coin’s strength, resilience and design. Not to worry, the team at Unit Coins recognizes the significance of these custom coins and would be proud to work with you and create a custom coin that perfectly encapsulates those you are trying to honor. We exercise superior craftmanship to create a coin that custom fits your wants and specifications. Have a design already in mind? Call today to get started on creating your custom coin.


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