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FEBRUARY 2020 – Medical Battalion 424

This month’s coin highlights the 424th Medical Logistics Battalion during their tour in Afghanistan, and features a host of dazzling features, from the use of color to the coin’s precisely crafted components and raised features. All these assets serve as a brilliant showcase of the craftsmanship on display, the same craftsmanship associated with all our custom military coins. Medical Battalions play an important and essential part in the military, as they are responsible for providing the Marine Corps with health service support to the unit, but more importantly, medical battalions are a form of stability in moments of crisis. Their external support serves in aiding their fellow military personnel, and this coin capsulizes their immeasurable value through its meticulous craftsmanship and composition.


Custom Coin Design

The striking design features strategic use of color and symmetry. One side of this silver-plated coin features a raised black snake encircling a stake, also known as the rod of Asclepius, a symbol synonymous with Asclepius, the Greek god of healing and medicine. This symbol is located front and center, with a background of black, red, and green behind the design with a silver cross. The rim surrounding the coin reads, “Detachment 12 Afghanistan 424 Medlock.” It captures the steadfast character of the Battalion.

Meanwhile, the other side sports a similar cross design, beneath it the design of the American flag. Again, the rim of the coin also bears an inscription “Kandahar, Bagram, Salerno,” and “Leatherneck,” the iconic nickname given to a US Marine. From start to finish this coin represents the amount of careful work and craftsmanship required to forge a wholly unique piece of art that is particularly eye-catching. A methodically crafted token of appreciation.


A Brief History of Military Coins

Military challenge coins are one of many traditions still upheld in the military, though their importance and meaning have evolved over the years. While military coins serve to create or reinforce a sense of togetherness, coins such as challenge coins commemorate those having served in a particular military operation as a token of excellence. Additionally, custom military coins operate as a badge of honor that speaks to their accomplishments. Military coins also function as a sort of shared language that communicates more than what’s inscribed on its surface. The value and prominence associated with military coins inform and reinforce the culture and practices present in the military. These coins speak to the shared experiences, culture, and characteristics that define the United States military, and continue to hold a place of reverence in the hearts and minds of all in the armed forces.


Why Custom Military Coins Say More

This particular coin pays tribute to those in the armed forces who risk their lives to save a fellow soldier or friend. These selfless, heroic individuals are unsung heroes, whose presence is a comfort to those in need, and a lifeline to rely on. The 424th Medical Logistic Battalion was a similar presence, available on behalf of their fellow man in Afghanistan, to become, as the banner across the top of the coin reads, a “soldier’s lifeline.” These inherently selfless people work tirelessly to ensure their company’s safety and health.

Custom coins serve as not only a priceless gift but also carry a sense of acknowledgment and gratitude, a collective thank you to its recipient. Military coins and military challenge coins foster community and connection among our fellow men and women in arms amidst active duty and beyond. Our coins help maintain community, bring fellow military personnel together, and provide a means to honor exemplary service. Custom military or challenge coins are to be shown off and on display, a physical manifestation of pride and esteem. Custom coins commend a job well done and carry a sense of prestige that bolsters tradition and signifies that each recipient is a significant asset of a much larger group.


Design Your Own Custom Coin

We at Unit Coins are proud to uphold such rich tradition by creating only the best for those who have fought valiantly to earn it. Start today! With a variety of plating or edging options for your coin, cater the look and feel of your coin to your taste, and receive a personalized piece well-suited for you. We want to play a role in celebrating those in the armed forces, so give us a call for a free quote. Our team here at Unit Coins would be happy to start you on your path to designing your own custom coin.

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