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February 2021 – The Combat Logistic Battalion 1 

February 2021 – The Combat Logistic Battalion 1 

February’s coin of the month is a striking showpiece, illustrative of both our technical expertise and creative flair. This coin, designed for The Combat Logistic Battalion 1, a logistical battalion of the United States Marine Corps is a fine example of the display-worthy work that is characteristic of our work Unit Coins. We value those who have served our country and would love to create a custom piece to remember and honor those in the armed forces. With the use of bold colors and borders, this coin’s design is reminiscent of a deck of playing cards, a way to emphasize the Combat Logistic Battalion’s versatility as a unit. Do you have a custom design in mind, or an idea you would like to discuss? Feel free to call us at 1-302-376-9812 for a free quote, so we can begin designing your own custom coin. With over ten years’ experience, you can trust that our workmanship is the best. We value the history behind creating and exchanging military challenge coins and would be proud to create a coin that lasts for years to come.

The Design
Unit coin’s is excited to share with you the design details of this month’s coin. This coin is particularly punchy and fun, capturing the spirit of the Combat Logistics Battalion 1, also nicknamed “the Charlie Company.” February’s coin is flashy, and utilizes the colors red, black, and yellow to recreate the look of a classic deck of cards. Both sides are equally engaging, while paying honor to the hard work and dedication of the Charlie Company. 

To start, both sides share a gold rope border, with alternating diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs encircling the border. One side is the outline of Iraq over a stark white background, with a red castle set over the outline. Above the castle reads, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” in Bold lettering, with the name of the Combat Logistic Battalion 1 etched beneath the design. Hovering over the castle is the number “8.1” in the same bright cherry red. 

Meanwhile, the other side of the coin was created to match the look of a jack playing card, with the outline of the jack over a similarly white background. The strategic use of yellow, black and red all serve to add depth to the character of the classic jack, with a large black spade stationed in the upper left-hand section of the coin. Above the jack reads “Charlie Company,” while the bottom reads “Jack of all trades.” The unit, designed to provide support to Regimental Combat Team 1, is also known by the moto “Always Forward, and this coin commemorates their time serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The coin speaks to a sense of shared comradery, while serving as a means to remember and honor those in the Charlie Company.

About the Battalion & Background
Combat Logistics Battalion, nicknamed the Charlie Company, is a part of the Marine Corps, they constitute part of the Combat Logistic Regiment 1, as well as the 1st Marine Logistics Group. Based out of California, in Base Camp Pendleton, the Combat Logistics Battalion aims to provide logistical support to the Regimental Combat Team (RCT-1) beyond its organic capabilities by providing resources such as tactical support, air delivery, and helicopter teams. From October 2009 through May 2010, the Charlie Company was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The Combat Logistics Battalion has served tirelessly to support and aid the Combat Logistic Regiment 1, and have been a remarkable resource for the United States Marine Corps. At Unit Coins, we are privileged to honor this battalion for their hard work and dedication to serving our country. 

Create Your Own Custom Design
When words aren’t enough to convey the gratitude and appreciation for those who have served our country, gifting a custom-made unit coin is a perfect way to express your thanks while maintaining the tradition of challenge coin collecting. Custom military or challenge coins are bold and dynamic, much like the battalions or units of those being remembered. These coins are well-made and built to last for generations, so each coin made can be appreciated for years to come. These coins carry more than the names of units who have tirelessly served our country, these coins also carry memory, and cultivate community for other fellow servicemen. Like those who have served, custom military or challenge coins are durable, tough, and strong. Have an idea for a custom coin? Start here! Our team of coin designers are available for a free consultation by phone or email. Call us at 1-302-376-9812 to begin the design process.

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