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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month – January 2018

Forward Support Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group

This coin was awarded to the Forward Support Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Special Forces group for excellence. Both sides are finished in highly detailed full-color acrylic resin. On the first face, we see the shoulder sleeve insignia of the Special Forces. Above that and slightly smaller is the Special Forces distinctive unit insignia. Encircling these two charges are ten tiny, almost impossibly detailed heraldic shields. In total, this face is decorated with twelve distinct and clear images across its three-inch width across a solid red background. The solid red is the color of the 7th Special Forces Group.

The other face is embossed with a Command Sergeant Major’s rank insignia on top of a waving American flag. The deep green and striking red, white, and blue are touched off by the exposed metal edges of the detailing, giving this face a stately, official look.

Both faces feature embossed lettering around the edges of the coin. Orior et Provocure, a Latin phrase runs across the bottom edge of the face, while “Awarded For Excellence” proudly proclaims this coin’s purpose across the top edge. The rank insignia of First Sergeant on the left side and Captain on the right round out the Special Forces side edge detailing.

The Command Sergeant Major edge detailing lists the Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage
About the Unit

The Forward Support Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Special Forces group provides direct support-level logistics and medical support to the 4th Battalion maneuvering groups during some of the most difficult and dangerous missions in modern combat. It is no surprise that the FSM was awarded such an ornate and detailed coin. Ever since the inception of the War on Terror, this FSM has acted as the 2nd Battalion’s lifeline during their near-constant deployments.

The general public will never know the objectives or outcomes of most of these missions, but many involved working hand-in-hand training and equipping local Afghani fighters to defend their country against terrorist threats.

The Afganistan theater of operations has been the most dangerous and grueling for US Special Forces, especially the 7th Special Forces Group. This Group has lost more men in combat than any other Special Forces Group fighting in the War on Terror. Doubtless, the memories of all those brave soldiers who gave their lives for the mission are tied into the painstaking design and craftsmanship of this spectacular coin. Generations from now, their memory and the impact they made in the world will still be preserved in the form of this unforgettable keepsake.

Custom Coins For Your Unit

This Special Forces coin is certainly one of the most intricate and ornate we have ever made, but you don’t have to be a Special Forces unit to have your own custom coin. We will custom-design your unit coin in almost any shape and color you can imagine, crafted with pride right here in the United States of America. Give us a call today.

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