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JANUARY 2020 – 28th Combat Aviation Brigade

January’s coin of the month features the 28th Combat Aviation Brigade, commemorating their stationing at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The 2,000 soldiers consisting of the 28th Combat Aviation Brigade were essential assets towards Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) post 9/11. This coin features predominantly gold plating, with the red insignia of the 28th infantry division, Worn by soldiers of the Combat Aviation Brigade.

In 2009, the 28th Combat Aviation Brigade’s Infantry Division was mobilized for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Soldiers from across the states, about 2,000, completed their training together at Fort Sill, Oklahoma before deploying to Kuwait. Early May 2009 saw soldiers flying to a host of operating bases across Iraq providing additional support and reinforcement.


Custom Coin Design

This timeless design features gold plating on either side with a well-crafted rope border. On one side are the two crossed flags of both the United States and Kuwait, where the Combat Aviation Brigade was stationed during the unit’s deployment in Iraq. This coin serves to function as a timeless heirloom in commemoration of the 28th Combat Aviation Brigade in recognition of their service. The other side of the coin again presents the red shoulder insignia worn by those in the brigade. The bottom of the coin pays homage to Muir Army Airfield, or Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania, where the Combat Aviation Brigade is located. This overall design is ageless, created to last from generation to generation as a valued heirloom celebrating a specific moment in time.


History of the Unit

The Aviation Brigade boasts an impressive legacy, tracing its heritage back to June 1959 when the 28th Aviation Company was formed in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania under the Army of Excellence design. However, when the group was reorganized the unit relocated to it’s now-home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The unit specializes in piloting Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota, and Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopters, where they serve and provide both federal and state active duty missions with aeronautical assistance.


About Military Coins and Challenge Coins

What started as a means to honor and respect those how have performed honorable and dutiful service has become a sort of subculture in the military, with the exchange and collection of military or military challenge coins becoming a well-established tradition. Military personnel often use military coins to communicate a host of ideas and feelings, whether it be to capture a sense of brotherhood or sisterhood or to recognize hard work and dedication. The practice was thought to begin post World War II, where American soldiers temporarily stationed in Germany would conduct what was referred to as “Pfenning checks.” a Pfenning was considered to be the lowest coin denomination in Germany, and if a soldier was lacking one when a check was called, that individual was responsible for purchasing all drinks for the entirety of his fellow soldiers. Though the spirit of this tradition has since grown and evolved, custom coins and challenge coins are still rooted in cultivating camaraderie among peers.


Create Your Own Custom Military Coin

Our coins are designed with one purpose in mind, to honor and respect those who have served us and our country by providing a timeless token of their service. These masterfully crafted coins are a perfect way to commemorate or celebrate the service of the brave men and women in the military and armed forces.

Our coins are built to last, ensuring that they will be cherished and passed down through generations. We also pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate and work with you to create a design that is unique and individualized. With any shape, cut, or plating, there are boundless opportunities in regards to your coin’s design. Our custom coin designers are always available to walk through and enable you to begin the process of creating your own custom coin.

Community is cultivated and acknowledgment is given through the gifting of military coins. From honoring upstanding service in the field to commemorating a particular unit or group, and if you desire to show your appreciation or thanks through a unique personalized gift, these custom coins are perfectly suited to fulfill your request. Custom military challenge coins are a way to give your gratitude and thanks while maintaining a fond tradition upheld for years. As a veteran-owned business, we understand the value and nuances associated with custom coins and consider it our duty to provide the best quality and service possible to ensure a design that will be appreciated for years to come. Take a glance at our coin gallery and reach out to us via phone or email for a free consultation, we are flexible and available to answer any of your questions.

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