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This month’s unit coin is in honor of the 2-135th General Support Aviation Battalion, or the “Bootleggers,” known for their support arial missions. At Unit Coins we think that superior service warrants superior craftmanship, and our coins reflect our shared sense of gratitude. Creating specialty coins is our strong-suit, and with our team of experienced designers, you can trust that we will meet your needs. This month’s coin in particular uses silver to create a dynamic and realistic recreation of the combat helicopters flown by the 2-135th General Support Aviation Battalion and speaks to our expertise. Do you have a specific design in mind to commemorate a particular battle, time of service, or unit? We have the resources to turn your ideas into a beautifully crafted, one of a kind custom coin that will last for years to come. As a veteran owned business, we know the significance of military and challenge coins, and would love to work with you to help execute your ideas. To speak with our team, give us a call, and we can get started.

Design & Details
Both sides of this month’s coin the feature a detailed, raised engraving of a combat helicopter, complete with a pirate’s skull and crosswords. On the first side of the coin is a silver border encircling the helicopter, with a Latin phrase strung over the helicopter reading, “Aut commenticiorum venditor es, aut velles esse,” which roughly translates to “a seller you are, or wish to be.” Encircling the bottom of the coin is the abbreviation “OIF 06-08,” short for Operation Iraqi Freedom, in which the unit served from 2006 to 2008. 

Meanwhile, inside the same silver border, the other side of the coin’s face reads, “Bootlegger” across the top, which is the nickname of Company B. Another abbreviation sits beneath the helicopter, reading, “B CO 2-135 GsAB,” an abbreviation for the 2-135th General Support Aviation Battalion. To finish the design, both sides of the coin’s face feature two small, detailed engraved American and French flags respectively. This striking silver coin is a perfect token to acknowledge the hard work and bravery of this aviation unit, while maintaining the tried and true tradition of custom military or challenge coins. 

About the Unit
As part of the 2006 – 2008 Iraq units, the 2-135th General Support Aviation Battalion, also known as company B, or the “Bootleggers,” are known for flying a variety of numerous high-risk situations. They also comprise part of the 135th Aviation Regiment and are known for flying CH-47F Chinook Cargo helicopters, and UH-60L Black Hawk Utility helicopters. The battalion flies a variety of different operations, from disaster relief to security missions. The unit is based out of Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado, as a part of the Colorado Army National Guard. They have been used to transport troops, or aid in medical evacuations. The unit has also been known to drop food and water to those in need following a natural disaster. The group also was engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom in September of 2006, and consisted of about 550 soldiers, with around 60% of the troops from the Colorado Army National Guard. 

Why Unit Coins?
At Unit Coins, we understand and recognize that for military personnel, custom challenge or military coins are more than just commemorative. They encapsulate a particular time or area of service, they carry the memories and time spent with a unit and create a sense of community. Since World War II, challenge coins have been a way to connect with fellow servicemen and woman, to exchange stories and remember their time in service. Our coins are durable and built to last, ensuring that each coin passed down through the generations. This timeless token of great services is masterfully crafted to pay the utmost respect to those who have service our country. 

To acknowledge and appreciate a group or individual in your life who has served protecting our country, there is no better gift then that of a custom-made military or challenge coin. From honoring upstanding service, to simply giving thanks, at Unit Coins we pride ourselves on the ability to provide you with custom coins that maintain a sense of community and camaraderie. Have a specific design in mind? Call us! Contact us by phone or email us at   so you can receive a free consultation. Together we can work towards making your ideas reality. Also be sure to take a look at our coin gallery, as well as previous coins of the month to see firsthand the wide range of coin designs and shapes we have to offer. 

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