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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month- July 2018

This month’s custom challenge coin was presented to the Texas wing of the Civil Air Patrol. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a non-profit corporation that serves as civilian auxiliary to the United States Air Force. They have three major functions emergency services, aerospace education, and cadet programs for teenagers. More recently they have been working to uphold homeland security and provide courier service missions. While their primary function is in service to the United States Air Force the Civil Air Patrol has made themselves available to local law enforcement agencies and private agencies such as the American Red Cross.

civil-1The CAP offers search and rescue services, primarily from the air but also on the ground. They fly 85% of all federal inland search and rescue missions headed by the Air Forces Rescue Coordination Center. Not only do they play a crucial role to the Air Force by performing search and rescue missions but they are highly successful on said missions. Between 75 and 100 people are saved every year by the Civil Air Patrol through their search and rescue efforts.

Disaster relief is another function of the CAP. They provide both air and ground transport to volunteer workers and other personnel helping in disaster relief. The CAP is able to fly relief workers to remote locations that may not be accessible on the ground which allows aid to be distributed to where it is most needed. Often after a disaster has hit access to the most affected areas is simply not possible any other way but by air. They have helped numerous humanitarian and government disaster relief organizations such as the American Red Cross, Federal Aviation Administration, United States Coast Guard and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

civil-2Search and rescue and disaster relief are only two of the many functions that the Civil Air Patrol completes. The CAP has cadet programs for teenagers, provides support to the Air Force and provides aerospace education to the general public. The Texas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol is the specific group that this custom challenge coin was created for. The members of the Texas Civil Air Patrol that have earned this coin have gone above all expectation while completing their duties. These men and women have shown exemplary service and dedication that their superiors have sought to honor with this detailed custom challenge coin. These custom coins feature color and 3D surfaces on both sides and is made of high quality silver. With the special shape and intricate detailing it is a custom challenge coin worthy of the men and women it will be presented to.

At Unit Coins we not only seek to honor our military servicemen with custom challenge coins but civilian servicemen as well. The Civil Air Patrol has served this country from the start of World War II until present day. Their search and rescue services as well as disaster relief have saved a countless number of lives and have done this nation a great service. By providing custom challenge coins of only the highest quality we have sought to honor the brave men and women of the Civil Air Patrol as thanks for their great service.

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