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Custom Challenge Coin – US Coast Guard Station Tillamook Bay

Coast Guard Challenge Coins

When you are searching for the best military challenge coins in America, don’t forget to shop Unit Coins. We produce some of the finest custom-struck commemorative coinage in the industry and it shows. This month’s featured custom Coast Guard challenge coin shows off our artisan-quality coin work in stunning full-color detail. The men and women at the Tillamook Coast Guard Station would be proud to know that their custom coins are showing off the best possible workmenship.


Custom Challenge Coin Ideas

Tillamook, Oregon is a small coastal community of just over 6000 people located on the extreme northwestern corner of the state. Though Tillamook might be tiny, it has an outsized reputation for world-renowned dairy products and some of the most picturesque coastal scenery on the western seaboard. The Coast Guard plays a vital role in protecting all this natural beauty: though the ocean might be gorgeous, it can be a fickle mistress. Rolling logs, sneaker waves, and dangerous surf are just a few examples of risks endemic to life on the Oregon Coast. The Coast Guard helps mitigate some of these risks so the good citizens of the Pacific Northwest can enjoy their time at the beach. Of course, those soldiers stationed at Tillamook have not always had it so relatively easy: during World War II, Tillamook Station was among the busier centers of action. Constantly on the alert for Imperial Japanese incursions, those who called Tillamook Station their home during those tumultuous years remember the sense of excitement and nervous energy that purveyed that site during those fateful days.

Now, in peacetime, Tillamook Coast Guard Station provides invaluable services to the community. The citizens of Tillamook County can rest assured knowing that the choppy waters off the craggy beaches are being watched over by experts trained to save lives and make our coastline safe for everyone.


Custom Coast Guard Coin Design

Nothing brings the story of Tillamook  Coast Guard station to life like a military challenge coin. In this case, the obverse features a scene rendered in full-color epoxy enamel: a Coast Guard cutter plying the brutal waters near the great cairn hosting the Tillamook Lighthouse. You can almost feel the salt spray on your face and hear the seagulls squawking as you hold this unique coin in your hand. Crafted in a shield shape from heavy, durable brass, this coin is not just any collectable. It is the essence of Tillamook Coast Guard Station distilled into a conversation piece that is ready to stun and dazzle at a moment’s notice.

Of course, the beautiful illustration is the first thing most will notice while examining the face of this Coast Guard challenge coin… but if they don’t pay attention, something extraordinary might slip by: the painstakingly-crafted great seal of the Coast Guard set underneath the golden nautical rope detailing encircling the main scene. It is here that the true expert skills of Unit Coins really shine: the die detailing required to achieve this level of precision can take a staggering amount of time to get right. Luckily for our customers, we take the time to create just the military challenge coin you have in mind. We don’t cut corners when it comes to making your challenge coin dream a reality.

The reverse face of the coin is elegantly simple, with a brushed-brass field playing host to the crossed oars and life-saver that indicates the provenance of this compelling work of art. Oftentimes the contrast between simplicity and detail serves to highlight both the details of the complex side and the elegance of the simple side. This is the case with this coin, where even the reverse tells a story about the heritage and lifestyle of these Guardians of the Coast. It’s hard to go wrong with professional challenge coin designers leading the way.


Creating Your Own Custom Coin Project

Every military challenge coin Unit Coins designs is as unique as the person it is designed for.  The possibilities range from clean and stoic to elaborate and exciting, and everywhere in between. As this week’s custom coin aptly demonstrates, we can also build coins with unique shapes: there’s no reason to be constrained by the traditional round field. We can do anything you can imagine, up to and including multi-part “spinner coins” that feature moving elements and even more! Browse our extensive selection of featured coins if you need design inspiration… we are always looking to mix and match elements we have perfected in previous coins to give you the life-long momento you were looking for.

We know that creating your own personal Coast Guard military challenge coin is a big investment, and that’s why we encourage all our customers to sit down and participate in a custom coin design session with some of our expert designers. As a veteran-run, US-owned company, we have a personal stake in making your challenge coin as amazing as possible. It’s not just our sterling reputation we are looking after – we know that every time you show off your custom coin, you are celebrating an American hero doing the necessary tasks to keep our country safe and free. We pour our hearts and souls into designing our products, because we know they will still be in circulation for decades to come. Those who know military challenge coins understand the difference between American-made quality and “the other stuff.” This must be why Unit Coins customers keep coming back again and again: they know that we are raising the standard for what military challenge coins can be.


We Are Here to Help

If you have made the decision to create your very own custom challenge coin design, it’s time to give our designers a call. The sooner you begin the process of creating your challenge coin, the sooner the finished product can be resting in the palm of your hand. Call us today for a free consultation.

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