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JULY 2020 – SEAL Team 18

This month’s unit coin is reflective of the wide array of designs and shapes we offer. In honor of the SEAL Team 18, this beautifully handcrafted coin has an elongated shape with a wide base that tapers up towards the end. At Unit Coins, we believe superior service requires superior craftsmanship, and our custom military challenge coins reflect our values. We specialize in creating commemorative coins to fit the custom requests of each and every customer, with painstaking attention to detail. Our coins are tailored to your needs and we offer a wide array of specially shaped coins. This month’s coin in particular is a testament to our superior design quality as well as our custom shaped coins. Have a specific design and shape in mind? Reach out to our team, and we can turn your ideas into reality. From bottle openers, to dog tags, to special symbols, if you have a particular design in mind, we can execute it.


Design Details

This beautiful coin boasts an impressive gold plating on its surface, adding an air of respect and honor to SEAL Team 18, an essential part of the US Navy SEAL Reserve. On one side features an eye-catching circular design, with a rich blue color, and three stars either side of the circular insignia. In the outermost portion of the blue insignia reads “SEAL Team” across the top, and the word “eighteen” embossed on the bottom. The center of the design features the number 18 in large, bold, roman numerals. Above the numerals is the Special Warfare Insignia, also known as the SEAL trident in a high-shine, glossy gold. Below the numerals lies the Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC) Qualification Insignia, which features a Mark V Special Operations Craft sailing over a bow wave, with one naval enlisted cutlass and one cocked flintlock pistol crossed against each other in the background.

Meanwhile, the other side is equally striking and bold. Also encompassed in gold, this side features the outline of an armed sailor, with the phrase “Don’t tread on me” below at the base of the coin. Behind the Navy man is the First Navy Jack, which was the naval jack of the US, and was typically flown by the oldest warship in the United States Navy. The flag features alternating red and white stripes, with a yellow striped rattlesnake positioned in the center. The First Navy Jack was in use from 1975 to 1976, and again from 2002 to 2019. This symbol of resilience and strength is teaming with national pride and history, a fitting way to honor the special reserve SEAL Team 18. Stationed beneath the First Navy Jack is the Special Warfare Insignia, finishing off the design.


About the Unit

SEAL Team 18 is one of two special reserve teams that specializes in operational excellence and are considered to be the premier maritime special operations force. By being able to move with both speed and accuracy, SEAL Team 18 can better provide special operations forces designed to deploy and support international operations. Stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia, this Worldwide reserve team aims to deliver operational capabilities to the Navy and Marine Corps.


Choose Unit Coins

Gifting a custom challenge or military coin is the perfect way to recognize and acknowledge a particular squadron, battalion, or group. Being a veteran owned business, we understand the power behind custom military challenge coins. When words aren’t enough to express your gratitude, these custom designed coins are a perfect way to highlight those who have tirelessly served our country, while upholding the rich tradition of military coin collecting and exchanging. These priceless tokens of appreciation also foster and maintain a sense of group comradery among those in a particular squad and serves as a means to remember shared time in service. These unique coins are tough, built to last, and cultivate a sense of brother and sisterhood. Custom coins are also timeless heirlooms to be passed on, appreciated, and remembered. We take pride in our designs and are always available for free consolations or appointments to help meet custom requirements. Our team has experience and are dedicating to providing you with the best quality we have to offer. Want to get started? Contact by phone or email, and we’ll be sure to get you started on the design process. We also have an abundance of resources on our site, from various design features we offer, to previous month’s coins, so you can get a sense of our exceptional craftsmanship. Call today!

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