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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month- June 2018

This month’s custom military coins were created for Airborne forces. Airborne forces are units inside of the United States Army that are designed to be moved by aircraft and then dropped from the air into battle. Usually this is done by parachute. Airborne troops are especially valuable because they can be dropped behind enemy lines to attack. The size of the force that is to be used is entirely dependent on the type and number of aircraft used to transport them. The beauty of airborne paratroopers is that they can be deployed in large numbers behind enemy lines in a matter of seconds. There is essentially no warning when these paratroopers descend which means that the enemy is unable to prepare a defense for the assault.

10th-1When the Airborne forces began it was primarily paratroopers that made up the units. Dropping paratroopers into enemy territory was primary functions of these forces. However, over time as aircraft and weaponry have grown more advanced, so has the Airborne forces. They now have three main functions: paratroopers, air landing troops, and air assault troops. Paratrooper’s functions essentially as they always have, parachuting out of aircraft. The type of aircraft has changed and become more advanced as well as the parachutes themselves, but a paratrooper’s job has remained the same. Air landing troops in the Airborne forces are those that arrive on the ground from aircraft, most commonly glider. Air assault troop’s also known as airmobile infantry are transported to the battle by either helicopter or other aircraft.

The purpose of Airborne forces is to arrive at a battle with such speed and surprise that the enemy cannot form an organized defense against them. These forces are most commonly made up of light infantry soldiers and non-armored vehicles and guns. For a vehicle to be parachuted into enemy territory it has to be light enough to transport and parachute. In WWII light motorcycles were used by Airborne forces. With advances in technology and aircraft we are now able to parachute more advanced vehicles.

10th-2These custom military coins were presented to soldiers that serve in the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado. 10th Group has been active since 1952 and still plays a vital role in the United States Army’s Airborne Forces. The soldiers that receive these custom coins have served with dedication above what is required of them. These particular military coins are made of nickel and feature both color and 3D detailing on both sides.

At Unit Coins we have made it our mission to honor those in service to our country by providing high quality custom military coins. The challenge coin tradition has been in effect for decades and we hope to see it continue for generations to come. Unit Coins is set apart from other challenge coin makers by the excellent quality of the coins we produce. We are truly one of the best producers on the market. It is our goal that every soldier thar receives a challenge coin is presented one of the same quality as their service, exceptional and above reproach.

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