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custom challenge coin of month aug 2016

Custom Challenge Coin of the Month- March 2018

Custom Coin for the 7th Special Forces Group


custom-challenge-coin-of-minth-aug-2016-box-1This custom unit coin was designed for members of the 7th Special Forces Group, an operational unit of the Airborne Rangers and United States Army Special Forces.  This particular coin was selected because it exemplifies how the spirit, pride, and distinction of service of our servicemen and women can be represented by the imagery on a challenge coin.  It has a special shield shape, representing protection and security.  The coin is nickel plated for a silvery finish and creates a border around both sides.


About the Unit

This unit was reorganized from the 77th Special Forces Group, which was also stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The 7th traces its lineage to the 1st Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Special Service Force. Established in 1942 at Camp William Harrison, Montana, the unit combined Canadian and American commando units.  Initially, they conducted raids against Germany’s fledgling nuclear capability in Northern Europe. These elite soldiers earned the nickname “The Devil’s Brigade” for fighting with distinction in Italy and Southern France. After the war, the unit was disbanded in France in 1945, and then reactivated in Fort Bragg in1953 as the 77th Special Forces Group.  In 1960, the 77th was reorganized and re-designated as the 7th Special Forces Group.


The 7th SFG has, like all the SFGs, been heavily deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. The 7th SFG has deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom since 2002. Along with the 3rd Special Forces Group, the 7th are the SFGs responsible for conducting operations in Afghanistan. They were also deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom many times.


Custom Army Coin Design

The front side has a white background with a raised Spartan Hoplite warrior in the center.  The warrior is complete with a plumed helmet, shield and xiphos (sword) and gives the piece a three-dimensional feel to it.  There is also a raised regimental Commander patch, also in nickel.  The “2nd Battalion” and “7th Special Forces Group” are inlaid in black and nickel at the top and the motto of “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere” is inlaid at the bottom.


The back side has a black background and has “SOTF-AFGHANISTAN” inlaid with black letters on nickel.    There are three flags displayed: United States of America, Afghanistan, and NATO flags appear on either side of, and above, the centered main feature: a skull wearing a Keffiyeh (headscarf) over crossed spears.  The motto of “For Excellence” appears on either side of the unique skull design.  Finally, the Latin motto of “Percussus Resurgo”  (translates as “Being struck down, we rise again.”)


Create Your Own Custom Challenge Coin

custom coin of the month 7th special forcesPut together, all of these design elements have made for a truly special challenge coin.  If your unit would like to design a coin that will recognize the exemplary personnel in your unit and build morale, then head to our custom challenge coin design guide to get started.

Unit Coins is a veteran-owned business that believes in creating and manufacturing only the highest quality products.  These challenge coins will last for generations to come, honoring the brave men and women who serve in the US military.  The tradition of challenge coins is growing more and more, and it’s our pleasure to provide a token of devotion to our country and your fellow soldiers.  Unit Coins provides premium custom challenge coins at the best possible price, so start designing yours today!

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