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Custom Coin of the Month March 2019 – Special Forces Award Coin

Army challenge coins serve many purposes: they might highlight a particular battle, or a particular unit, or sometimes an individual who has risen up above the rest to become the best. The armed forces are a place that can turn regular men into paragons, but not without true grit and substantial hard work. Most soldiers recognize the fruit of their labor is simply the mission, accomplished. The real prize is life in a free and prosperous country. Glory rarely enters into the equation, and even less so when it comes to the battlefield. There is an objective, a strategy, tactics, and execution. Each soldier filling his particular role with excellence, and not wanton heroics, is what really drives the war machine.


Personalized Army Challenge Coins

This month’s featured challenge coin celebrates the accomplishments of just such an operator: a soldier whose work forms the very foundation of our combat efforts abroad, a logistician and battle-proven Special Forces commander who was selected by his peers for special recognition. This challenge coin is a great example of Unit Coins’ commitment to manufacturing what many consider to be the best commemorative challenge coins on the market. Our mission is simple: take your custom challenge coin idea and turn it into a momento that will last the test of time. As a veteran-owned company, we understand the unique place challenge coins have in US military history. We seek to faithfully carry on this time-honored tradition for the next generation by leading the way in custom challenge coin design. This coin is a great example of just how much you can say with symbols and slogans. It manages to condense decades of history into a single item that can be held in the palm of the hand. In turn, these pieces of living history live on as they circulate within the challenge coin community. Just knowing that each challenge coin you come across has a story and a past helps drive home the authenticity and provenance of these fascinating collectables.


Collectable Challenge Coins

The discerning challenge coin aficionado knows exactly what he’s looking at: this is a special forces coin, a fact made clearly evident by the fighting knife and lightning bolts laid over a bright blue arrowhead silhouette, the word “AIRBORN” rocked across the top of this embossed metal recreation of the classic patch. Texture is one of the under-emphasized elements of challenge coin design. With metal, we are able to create unique sculptural elements that help tell the coin’s story in three dimensions. Holding a challenge coin is like holding a topographical map of symbology, heavy and dense with meaning, economically stippled with just the right design elements to make maximum good use of a very limited space. Custom challenge coin design is all about making the most out of what you have to work with, which is sometimes not a lot.


Challenge Coin Awards

Nonetheless, coins like the one we are featuring this month truly show off the versatility and aesthetic impact a well-designed custom challenge coin can show off. Take the full-color enamel detailing for instance: full color allows our coins to stand out among all the other service award options on the market today. Color plays an important role in coin design, and as in the case of this month’s featured coin, can say a lot. In this case, the face of our featured coin is primarily a color known as “soldier red.” This color, the very shade of battle, is associated in military heraldry with Logistics. Though the latin motto “Sustinendum Victoriam” might have given it away, the soldier red shade is a sure indication of the recipient of this custom challenge coin’s identity. This coin was issued for excellence in the field of logistics, in the context of Special Forces (airborne) work, which is no small feat. Undoubtedly, the specific missions this coin recognizes were of the most sensitive and difficult type, and the soldier who received this coin was undoubtedly at the top of his game. An accomplishment like that deserves a coin that will shine on for generations. Unit Coins is one of the only veteran-owned challenge coin company operating within the USA. You can trust we have a stake in creating the most impressive and durable army challenge coins available.

How Do I Design A Custom Challenge Coin?

Designing your own custom challenge coin can be intimidating for the beginner. After all, these things last forever! It pays to make the right choices early on so you can have a coin that will tell your story with fidelity and style for years to come. If you already have a design in mind, our expert in house challenge coin designers can transform your custom coin vision into cast-in-metal reality. If you are still searching for that perfect challenge coin design idea, don’t worry! We are ready to help you craft the coin of your dreams, even if you are not quite sure what that might mean! With our help, you can walk through every step of the design process to devise a coin for the ages.

Our custom challenge coins can be crafted in any combination of shapes and colors you can imagine, from the traditional round shape featured in this month’s article all the way up to highly elaborate “spinner” coins complete with moving parts! For obvious reasons, bottle-opener coins are a perennial favorite, and we have made more than one patch-shaped coin faithfully recreating the uniform designation in metal rather than cloth. We simply aim to create the most compelling and interesting custom challenge coins on the market, for some of the most compelling and interesting people on the planet. When it’s finally time to start imagining the personalized challenge coin you plan on issuing, come to  Unit Coins to get the ball rolling. Creating custom challenge coins isn’t just our business: this is our passion. Come join us on our continuing mission to celebrate American heroes. Call today for a free consultation.

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