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MARCH 2020 – 151th Cavalry Regiment

At Unit Coins, we pride ourselves on the ability to meet any clients specific design requirements, and this month’s coin is no exception. Not all of our custom coins adhere to a specific shape, as illustrated by this month’s army coin. The coin employs a different shape than a traditionally round coin and commemorates the 151th Cavalry Regiment. It features the Cavalry Coat of Arms at the center of the coin, as well as the phrase, “lead the way.” In addition, two bronze cavalry emblem swords overlap each other, meeting at the center of the coin. On the blades of the swords read the phrase, “are you in or out?” Finally, two blue ribbons embellish both the top and bottom of the Cavalry Coat of Arms, with the top ribbon reading “regulators,” and the bottom representing the 151st Regiment.

The other side of the coin boasts a similarly bold layout and feature the shoulder insignia of the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team in vivid blue and red. On this side the overlapping swords read, “Alpha troop,” with the corresponding blue ribbons commemorating the brigade’s nickname, the “Bowie Team,” with the bottom ribbon memorializing the group’s deployment in Iraq in 2008. Both sides of this uniquely shaped custom coin feature precision detailing from both insignias either side of the coin, to the sharpness of the text embellished on the coin’s face. Additionally, the specific engraving work on the two cavalry emblem swords also lend to the look and feel of this particular custom coin. From design specifics, to bold choices in color, Unit Coins is equipped to make your dreams reality. Custom military or challenge coins are the perfect way to commemorate a group or team’s diligent service with a gift that is both unique and invaluable, so reach out today! You can contact us via phone or email, where we can answer all of your design related questions.

About the Unit

The 151st Cavalry Regiment is a Cavalry Regiment in the US army, and represented by the Arkansas Arm National Guard, and their headquarters are stationed in Warren, Arkansas. On January 2, 2008, the first Squadron, 151st Cavalry, was activated for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and trained until February 2008, at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, before deployment in Iraq later that March. They were based at Tallil Airbase, which was made of 800 soldiers all assigned to six different companies, troops, or batteries, but the 151st Cavalry was responsible for over 700 tactical convoy security missions, yet their dedication and bravery resulted in no fatal casualties, and not a single soldier was lost. The Squadron also engaged in a long-term fuel mission between Kuwait and the Ballad Air Base. The brave and selfless actions of this squadron is beautifully memorialized in the design and presentation of the custom coin. Though one side features the 151st, the other features the 39th Infantry Combat Team, which the 151st Cavalry Regiment was an asset to.

The opposite side of the coin celebrates the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, dubbed the Arkansas Brigade, or Bowie Team. Their Insignia features a red and blue background with a bowie knife centered in the middle of the design as a nod to the brigade’s nickname. The brigade combat team consists of soldiers from the Arkansas Army National Guard. After the force’s first deployment to Iraq in 2003 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the brigade served in Baghdad for about a year, working in tandem with the 1st  Cavalry division. The Bowie Team also provided relief to citizens in New Orleans after the all the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Later in 2008, the brigade spent one year in active duty as a part of the brigade’s second deployment in Iraq. The 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team’s acts of valor and strength are manifested in the unique, timeless design of this custom coin, serving as a means to respect and honor the brigade.

Start Designing Today

The team at Unit Coins are proud, patriotic, and prepared to help you uphold the tried and true tradition of gifting and creating custom military coins. We work in tandem with you and your design specifications to craft a coin that speaks to a shared moment in time with those who dedicated their lives to service in the armed forces, or law enforcement. Unit Coin’s attention to detail and craftmanship are evident in every coin we help design and create. Eager to get started? Contact the team at Unit Coins, where you can begin the design process, culminating in the creation of a custom commemorative gift that speaks volumes.

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