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March 2023 – USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 Crash & Salvage Team 

This month’s coin on display is a bold, colorful coin that features the use of bright cherry red and glossy polished gold to commemorate the hard work and dedication of the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 Crash and Salvage Fire Fighter Team throughout all of 2020. The coin also thanks the Crash and Salvage Team for impeccable work among less-than-ideal circumstances, throughout the outbreak of COVID-19 present onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Jobs aboard Navy aircraft carriers are often considered to be some of the most dangerous positions in the armed forces, and this team functioned seamlessly throughout last year despite a variety of obstacles. At Unit Coins, we understand and value those who have worked tirelessly to protect and serve our country, use the best materials, and leverage our professional craftsmanship to create unit coins that are wholly one of a kind. The history and tradition of custom unit and challenge coins is something we also value and are proud to contribute towards. To begin designing your custom coin in honor of a particular unit, squadron, or battalion, contact us by phone at 1-302-376-9812 for a free consultation.

Design Features & Details

March’s coin of the month features incredible detailing, strong use of color, and relevant pop culture references to create a coin that is unique and reflective of the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 Crash and Salvage Fire Fighter Team. Both sides of the coin’s face are visually engaging and eye-catching, with the first side featuring two red banners across the top and bottom of the coin’s face. The color red is the US aircraft carrier jack color that signifies the crash and salvage crew, explosive and ordnance disposal, and firefighter and damage control party. The first red banner reads “USS Theodore Roosevelt Crash & Salvage,” in bold gold lettering. Centered on the face of the coin is a firefighter’s helmet with the phrase “TR 71,” which is a nickname of the USS Theodore Roosevelt Crash and Salvage Team, along with two crossed red axes, or Pulaski’s, which is a special hand tool used solely by firefighters. The two axes lay poised against a backdrop of roaring flames. Beneath the helmet sits two bold yellow wings positioned on either side of the coin. Additionally, in the dead center of the coin is the helmet of the Mandalorian, a character from the show of the same name, with the phrase “This is the way,” scrawled across the second banner. This phrase is also from the show and represents the rigid principles of the show’s main character, who is a grizzled bounty hunter.

Meanwhile, the other side of the coin’s face also features two red banners across the top and bottom of the coin. The top reads, “West Pac 2020” which represents how the Navy deploys their units to the Western Pacific for six months to reduce the number of unaccompanied tours. Centered in the coin against a black backdrop Then the second banner reads, “Surviving COVID,” with the bold numbers “71” in the center of the coin with an image of the Crash & Salvage team on a fire response vehicle. Sprawled across the coin is also a red elongated wingspan. This particular coin is as courageous in its design as the unit for which it commemorates, who bravely served the USS Theodore Roosevelt during a global pandemic.

About the USS Theodore Roosevelt

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is one of many Navy aircraft carriers but is particularly unique because it is one of the oldest fourth Nimitz-class, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. The ship also carries the prestigious honor of being one of four ships named after former US president Theodore Roosevelt and was the first aircraft carrier to be constructed using modular construction. Modular construction is the process of constructing components off-site before being later hoisted into place and welded together. After construction, the USS Theodore Roosevelt made its maiden deployment on December 30th, 1988. The carrier is still in use today, with its most recent mission being its arrival to Vietnam on March 5th, 2020 for five days to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Vietnam-United States relations.

About the Fire Fighter Crash & Salvage Team

The Crash and Salvage Fire Fighter Teams are a crucial part of every Naval aircraft carrier and serve as a means of protection against aircraft-related emergencies. Their duties include Immediate response to an emergency, firefighting, and rescue and salvage for every variety of aircraft on board. They also conduct water-related salvage operations, coordinate aircraft jettison operations, fulfill maintenance requirements, and engage in squadron training. The team at Unit Coins is proud to honor the Fire Fighter Crash and Salvage Team of the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 for their hard work and dedication among particularly unprecedented circumstances. On March 24th, 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, three sailors tested positive for the virus, resulting in an outbreak while out at sea. The USS Theodore Roosevelt was the first ship in the US Navy to have a COVID-19 outbreak while at sea, yet the crew preserved and worked hard to maintain the carrier despite unseen circumstances.

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Do you have a particular group that you would like to remember? Custom unit or challenge coins are the perfect gifts that speak to the camaraderie and brotherhood of those in the armed forces, and at Unit Coins, we are here to make your designs come to fruition. Your wish is our command! Contact us by phone or email us at for more information. For a gift that holds a lifetime of memories, choose Unit Coins.

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