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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month- May 2018

This month’s custom military coins were presented members to a cigar club that served in Afghanistan. Cigar clubs have long been a function for military servicemen. It’s a way to blow off steam and enjoy a mutual hobby. It is a common past time for military servicemen to smoke cigarettes but the men that are apart of these clubs have sought to further enjoy tobacco in a more quality formation, cigars. While cigarette smoking is leisure past time often done by those in service to the military, smoking cigars is more of an art form.

Military cigar clubs primary focus is to blow off steam all the while enjoying a cigar. It allows servicemen of all types to come together and enjoy a common interest.  Both officers and grunts are able to gather together and let loose all the while enjoying a quality cigar. Often these soldiers are facing the harsh realities of war while stationed overseas and require some normalcy in their lives. There are all different kinds of clubs that are formed on these military bases, not just cigar clubs. The purpose is to allow these men and women to enjoy themselves by sharing in a common interest. It serves to unite soldiers of all types and ranks.

smoke-1Cigars have been a popular past time in the military for quite some time now. There are multiple organizations who donate cigars of all kinds to troops overseas. Many of these groups recognize how uplifting it can be for soldiers to receive a package while deployed. Packages are a life line for soldiers as they provide them with gifts from home they simply don’t have access to while deployed. Several organizations have made it their mission to provide soldiers with gifts of cigars while they are deployed. Many cigar clubs are supported by these donations.

smoke-2These custom military coins were granted to members of a cigar club that served together in Afghanistan. These coins are made out brass and have color detailing on both sides. At the bottom of these custom coins it says “In pursuit of pleasure, taste and aroma.” This is an excerpt from a statement made by Winston Churchill, an avid cigar smoker. This wise man once said, “Cigar smoking knows no politics. It’s about the pursuit of pleasure, taste and aroma.” This particular cigar group used this quote as a simple means to explain the purpose of their club, the pursuit of simple pleasure in a difficult time, a deployment to Afghanistan.

At Unit Coins we take pride in providing servicemen and women with quality custom military coins. Often these military coins are given in honor of exemplary service. In the case of these custom coins it is a reminder of the bond these men shared by enjoying a common interest in a dark time. We are honored to be able to help soldiers commemorate their service and take pride in providing the highest quality custom military coins available today. As veterans ourselves we understand the valuable meaning behind the challenge coin tradition and have made it our mission to see this tradition continue for generations to come.

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