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The coin highlighted this month is a Marine coin designating the impeccable service of the Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team Companies, otherwise known as FAST. These platoons specialize in mobility, can rapidly change location, and deploy to improve security in a number of influential US Government installations. This group in particular, the FAST company Europe was recognized for excellence service, presented by the commanding officer and first sergeant. Both sides represent the expert craftsmanship and design reflective of our designers and serve as a quality token of great service. At Unit Coins, we pride ourselves in creating a coin that is timeless and reflective of a particular group, to craft something wholly unique, as evidenced by this month’s coin.

Design Features

In regard to design, this coin also is a work of excellence, with a bronze diamond cut wave edge encircling both sides of the coin. On one side is the gold, raised emblem of the United State Marine Corps, with two corresponding, crossed flags directly behind it. To the right is the insignia for the first sergeant, complete with bold yellow and red stripes. Then to the left features the golden leaf of a Major with the entire design against raised stripes and a textured background. Inscribed around the coin’s border reads, “For Excellence Presented by the Commanding Officer and First Sergeant,” across a striking black band. Emblematic of hard work and dedication, this coin perfectly represents the tenacity and dedication of the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company Europe for their work in ensuring the safety of our government.

In addition to the intricate design of the aforementioned side, the other face of the coin also features the exemplary work synonymous with the team at Unit Coins. A similar black border encircles the face of the coin, saying, “Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company Europe.” At the bottom of the border reads the Latin phrase, “fortis flexilis decisivus,” which roughly translates to “decisive strong flexible.” Behind the rich, reddish burgundy background of the coin is an eight-pointed star and topographic outline of Europe. Finally, the detailed outline of a black bull sits front and center of the coin’s design. This month’s coin exercises bold color and line work to create a dynamic design that is eye catching and impressive.

More on the Unit

The Anti-Terrorism Security Fleet Company is well known for their readiness, and ability to move on short notice whenever a terrorist threat arises. FAST are skilled in matters of physical security, counter surveillance, urban combat techniques, and close quarter combat. With the support of combatant and Naval commanders, FAST is equipped with vital assets and strategic weapons. The FAST Company Europe is based out of Rota, Spain, and this coin commemorates their efforts and strength as a collective unit. Though a relatively new unit in comparison to others, FAST is assertive and well equipped to handle a wide variety of potential terrorist threats.

Create Your Custom Coin

Custom Unit Coins are a commemorative token enriched with years of history and tradition. Not sure where to start? Our team of profession designers are available to help you in design and creation of your own custom coin, a gift that speaks volumes. Custom military coins are unique, a priceless token of appreciation in that they capture the giver’s sense of gratitude and appreciation in a way that surpasses words. A physical manifestation of thanks that is a military coin embodies a certain time and place and becomes a touchstone to a particular unit or group of dedicated, loyal and brave individuals. Coins reinforces bonds between those in the armed forces and fosters a sense of communal pride between the selfless, and heroic men and women in arms.

Our coins are durable, tough, and strong, much like those who these coins are gifted for. At Unit Coins, we exercise superior craftmanship and design to create a coin that is completely custom, and unlike any other. We believe custom military coins help maintain a sense of community and bring together various military personnel as a means to remember and share their personal experiences. Custom coins are powerful in that they cement a particular place and time and become synonymous with a person’s memory of a certain time or unit.

Start Here!

Why wait to design your custom coin? Start now! Our team is ready to work with you in developing a coin that reflects the nature and quality of those you’re wishing to honor. The team at Unit Coins would be happy to jumpstart the process by providing a free quote and begin designing your coin. Call or email us today to begin the design process.

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