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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month – November 2017

9th Cavalry 4th Squadron 2nd Battalion “Black Jack”

This beautiful custom coin designed for the 2nd Armored Battalion 4th Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Calvary Division out of Fort Hood, Texas features a unique silver and red pentagonal design inscribed with the unit’s slogan, “Dark Horse Leads the Way,” and their motto, “We can we will” along with crossed cavalry sabers in silver. The color is highly durable and resilient acrylic resin, which means that this coin will maintain its luster and shine for decades to come. It is 3” across and feels heavy and substantial, weighing in at more than an ounce. Its over-all design is at once deadly serious and a slightly unusual, matching the character of the unit it was produced to represent.

A Little About the Black Jack

On the top point of the pentagon, the attentive observer will discover a yellow ornament consisting of a yellow field crossed with black, a horse head in black on the right, and a number “2” on the bottom. This is the insignia of the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team “Black Jack.” The Black Jack has been active since 29 August 1917, when it was organized to police and patrol the Mexican border under the 2nd Calvary Division. In the 20s, it went under the 1st Calvary Division where it has remained to this day.

9th Cavalry Regiment 4th Squadron “Black Jack”

This coin takes its shape from the insignia of the 9th Calvary Regiment 4th Squadron, which in its original form consists of a blue fortress with a gold riding Indian wielding a bow. Like most pre-20th century fortresses, the one on the Dark Horse’s insignia is 5-sided. This shape has been simplified for the coin, and the riding Indian replaced with crossed cavalry sabers. The 9th Cavalry Regiment 4th Squadron is a Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition unit.

Black Jack History

The 9th Cavalry Regiment 4th Squadron started life as Company d of the 9th Cavalry. The 9th Cavalry Regiment 4th Division was originally a “colored” unit, renowned for their grit and determination, as well as their mastery of the range. Many have heard of this regiment by a more well-known name: the 9th Cavalry 4th Division was among those given the nickname “Buffalo Soldiers,” and had a reputation as rough and ready soldiers who would get the job done.

Rough Riders and Early Years

The Black Jack served alongside President Teddy Roosevelt’s rough riders in the battlers of San Juan hill and Kettle hill during the Spanish American war. They went on to the campaign in the Phillipines during World War I.

Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08

The Black Jack deployed to Bagdad in 2006 during operation Iraqi Freedom to secure the “International Zone,” an area housing the US Embassy and other important buildings. The unit has been redeployed in the region several times since, where their specialized skills have been invaluable at detecting and dealing with the enemy.

Custom Coins for Your Unit

Every hero deserves a token to remember what he fought for. At Unit Coins, we make heirloom-quality custom unit coins that will last for generations to come. Give us a call today to discuss your custom coin.

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