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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month- November 2018

379th Air Expeditionary Wing

September’s custom challenge coins were presented to the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing. This wing is the most numerous and diverse wing inside of the Air Force. They are responsible for providing support from above for Operations Inherent Resolve and Freedom’s Sentinel. This wing is referred to as where the “rubber meets the road” and they have lived up to this reference. The vastness of the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing can only be truly fathomed through the numbers it supports. Well over 11,000 servicemen belong to this wing and it is estimated that every 10 minutes one of these pilots is either taking off or landing. Those who belong to this wing work 24/7 to ensure that it is combat ready and always able to respond to new orders at a moment’s notice.
Wcustom-challenge-coin-month-september-01ith over 100 aircraft in service to the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing the missions they take on are numerable. These servicemen provide humanitarian airlift when needed, provide combat power from the sky, and give aeromedical evacuation. When they are not serving in these capacities they provide air refueling to other aircraft, and gather intelligence vital to other military efforts.
The history and value behind the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing is well honored by the quality and elegance of these custom military coins. Around the edges of these military challenge coins are the mottos of the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marines are etched. Beginning in the top left is the official motto of the Navy “Non sibi sed patriea” which is Latin for “Not for self, but for country.” The Air Force motto “Above All,” is beautifully placed on the top of these custom challenge coins. “This we’ll defend,” the Army motto is also on the upper section of these military challenge coins. The last motto, resting on the lower section belongs to the Marines “Semper Fidelis” which is Latin for always faithful.
These are the top 3 branches of the United States military as the Marines are a subset of the Navy. The 379th Air Expeditionary Wing has served with and protected each branch of the top 3. Their service has been vital to the success of missions across the military board. The detailing, specifically the shading of these custom military coins, is so intricate that the challenge coin maker, Unit Coins, employed the use of photo inserts in order to properly capture every aspect and color. These military challenge coins inserts are protected by an epoxy dome to ensure that these custom coins are untouched by time and last for decades to come. The silver plating ideally compliments the elegance of the photo insert.

Custom Challenge Coins

The 379th Air Expeditionary Wing plays a crucial role throughout the United States military. Their patriotism and dedication to this country is clearly displayed in successful mission after successful mission. They are held in high esteem throughout every branch of the military. The tradition of these custom challenge coins honors the service of these proud soldiers. They have given more than asked for in service to their country and while these custom military coins may seem a small gesture the levity behind said military coins is great. The tradition of these military challenge coins began decades ago and is alive and well. The military believes in giving credit where credit is due and the tradition of these custom challenge coins upholds that belief.

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    Ms. Heather,
    I want to inform you that I received the coins 100ea today. In behalf of our enlisted association I want to extend our appreciation for a wonderful job by your company.

    – CPO, US Navy

    Hi Heather, Thank you for the coins, We really like them, ya’ll did a great job, We are out of here in 28 more days.

    – 1stSGT, US Army

    Ms. Cassidy,
    The coins came in today. Everything looks great.

    – CPT, US Army

    Good Morning,
    I just want to let you know that we have received our coins and are very pleased. Thank you and we will be sure to pass on your company information to the next group in hopes they will come to you as well. Again, thank you!

    – MSgt, US Air Force

    We received the coins today and wanted to thank you for your business and great quality of work!

    – SSgt, US Air Force

    Hey Guys,
    “I wanted to tell you that the coins look absolutely perfect and I recommended you to other campuses. Thank you for your excellent coins! You guys rock!

    – Veteran

    I got the coins this morning. Thank you very much!! They are AWESOME!

    – SSgt, US Marine Corps

    Got the coins this evening and my son-in-law has sent me photos. Even in his out of focus photos I am impressed. You all did a fantastic job re-creating our symbol. Thanks so much for working with me and thanks for your service!

    – SFC Retired, US Army

    The coins just got here. They are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!. Thanks for all your help with these> I was wondering, if someone sees them and wants some of their own, can they just order them up?
    THANKS again for your work with these, I really appreciate it.

    – MAJ, US Army

    I received the coins on Monday and they look great. Everyone that has seen them also agree that they came out better than what they thought from the drawing I showed them. Thanks for the great work again.

    – Fire Investigator

    Thank you. I have received the order yesterday and they look great. I
    appreciate your work.

    – MAJ, US Army

    I received the coins today. They look great.

    – Civilian Account

    Good morning Heather, thank you very much for the coins they look perfect. Thank you for everything.

    – Civilian Account

    I have received the two boxes. I thank you very much for the quick turn around and support. The coin is outstanding and will be of great personal value to all that receive it.

    – Civilian Account

    Thank you Heather very much for the coins. I was home on leave and brought those with me forward so I can hand them our during a formal sit down with the unit once we are home soon in the near future going through demob station. They are incredible.

    – CPT, US Marine Corps

    Ma’am, today 29 September I received the coins that you shipped to us. I just want to tell you that they look AWESEOME! Everyone loves them…they are a little smaller than we wanted which was my fault since I changed it but they still look great. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for all the patience and quick progression that you all performed. I am going home this Sunday so I will def pass on your company to the new personnel coming in. Thanks again for all your help. I’m sure we will do business in the future. Have a great day and ill talk with you soon.

    – SrA, US Air Force

    I received the coins today! This is awesome! Thank you so much!

    – SGT, US Army

    We received the coins and they look great!! Thank you.

    – MAJ, US Army

    Thank you Heather I much appreciate your continuous efforts on this for me. It has been a pleasure using your company to do these coins for me. Truly with sincerity your customer service, rates highly on my account and I will pass on to other fellow friends your information so they too may use your services.

    – CPT, US Army

    The coins are a awesome. Thank you and your company so much for being so quick and professional but personable.

    – FOP

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