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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month November 2019 – “BHPA Coin”Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency Coin

Custom Commemorative Coins

This month’s featured custom challenge coin shows off the virtuosic nature of our custom coin-designers. Even seeing the coin in hand does littler justice to the craftsmanship and intricacy involved in its production. To really appreciate this month’s featured coin, we recommend using a magnifying glass! It’s that detailed, and the details are worth taking in.


Custom Coins for Any Occasion

At Unit Coins, we are known for our military challenge coins, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything else! In fact, some of our favorite coins to design are those that really stretch our capabilities and challenge our ambition. Our featured custom challenge coin of the month for November was commissioned by the Becker Helicopter Pilot Academy. It is truly stunning, both it its incredible detail and peerless execution, befitting the Academy that lends the coin its name and inspiration.

Becker Helicopter Pilot Academy is one of the more well-known pilot schools in Australia. They specialize in both civilian and military flight training, virtual simulation and virtual reality, commercial air work, and training books and resources. Becker Helicopter Pilot Academy’s continuing commitment to raising up the most competent and skilled helicopter pilots in the air continues to supply Australia with the highly-trained aircraft operators necessary to perform a variety of specialized civilian and military tasks. Combat, search and rescue, and material handling are just a few skills a Becker Helicopter Pilot Academy-trained pilot might be expected to navigate. They do this with the confidence that comes from graduating from one of the foremost aircraft operator training schools on the continent. Just like the Becker Helicopter Pilot Training School itself, this month’s featured custom challenge coin more than succeeds at what it sets out to do.

The obverse features, head-on, a helicopter flanked with wings outstretched, over a half-circle reticulated field, the continent of Australia in green with a bounding kangaroo in bronze superimposed. Above the helicopter is a royal blue field containing the stars of the Australian flag. The whole coin is rimmed in rope detailing, and the inscriptions “Becker Helicopter Pilot’s Academy” above and “Queensland, Australia” on the bottom.

The reverse is where things get very interesting. The centerpiece is an impeccably-rendered profile of a helicopter, amazing in its fidelity and proportion. Were a person to just hold this coin in hand, they might assume the field the helicopter is set against is just a decorative texture… but look closer! Those familiar with the inside of a helicopter will feel instantly at home because, debossed in hard-to-fathom detail, is the instrument panel. We said you should bring a magnifying glass to truly appreciate this one, and we meant it. This is a great example of custom challenge coin design pushing the limits of what’s possible, and it’s what we love to do here at Unit Coins. Creating a product that perfectly captures the customer’s vision is our mission, no matter what.


Custom Challenge Coin Design

If your group or organization, like the Becker Helicopter Pilots Academy, is looking for a special collectable to celebrate a special occasion, it’s time to call Unit Coins. Our expert custom coin designers will walk you through the custom commemorative coin design process. Do you already have a coin design in mind? No problem. Thanks to our years of experience in the challenge coin business, Unit Coins can make your dream into a reality in a surprisingly short time! Obviously, every design must be adapted to the realities of creating real custom coins, but, as this month’s featured coin so aptly demonstrates, there is almost nothing that we cannot do. Just set up a consultation, forward us your design, and we will go to work starting the process that will produce your custom commemorative coin.

If you do not already have your custom coin design idea in mind, that’s okay! You can call Unit Coins for a free, no obligation consultation. We will walk you through each and every step of the custom coin design process, from blank sheet all the way to finished product. We have been designing custom challenge coins in the USA for more than a decade. Satisfied customers often tell us how impressed their friends and colleagues are with Unit Coins custom coins, and we strive to live up to our own reputation for creating some of the best custom challenge coins in the industry. Give us a call today to get started on designing your own amazing custom coin!

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