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Challenge Coin of the Month October 2019 – “RVFD
30th Anniversary Coin”

Custom Fire Department Challenge Coins

You have probably heard of military challenge coins, but have you ever heard of a fire department challenge coin? One of the many amazing properties of highly collectible challenge coins is their versatility: if there is a group, organization, or individual worthy of celebrating, chances are there is a custom challenge coin for that. This month’s featured coin is a great example of what we do here at Unit Coins: we make memories. If your unit or organization is looking for a great way to observe a special anniversary, take a look at what the Rincon Valley Fire District did to commemorate thirty years of community-led emergency services!


Challenge Coins for Meeting the Challenge

What do you do when you have fifty square miles of Arizona suburban scrubland and swift water, roughly 20,000 residents, and frequent fire danger from both natural and man-made causes? Well, if you are residents of Rincon Valley outside of Tucson, you organize! The Rincon Valley Fire District is a fantastic example of what can happen when the people of a small town decide to get together to solve a problem, and this month’s featured challenge coin is a fantastic example of how you can embed the essential character of an organization into a piece of metal. The first thing many people notice about this bold coin is its diamond-patterned rim, which imparts a strong industrial feel and perfectly captures the rugged nature of those who volunteer to serve their community’s emergency needs in Rincon Valley. Indeed, both sides feature the name of the fire district on the outside edge, with the obverse also mentioning the years of its establishment, the reverse, the occasion: a thirtieth anniversary!


Versatile Challenge Coins for Versatile People

Though the RVFD is called a “Fire District,” fighting fire is far from all they do! In addition to firefighting and fire prevention, the Rincon Valley Fire District maintains several special operations service groups for operations which require specialized skill-sets. These include a swift-water rescue component, a rope rescue team, and hazardous materials handling. Each one of these focus areas carries its own unique risks: 1 out of 3 swift-water rescue attempts end
with the rescuer not only failing the rescuer, but succumbing to drowning themselves. Rope rescue requires quick thinking and complex mechanical reasoning to be successful, and failure often results in serious injury or death. Hazardous materials releases are obviously dangerous situations that need to be treated with the utmost care. Whenever the community needs special
emergency services, they know they can call on the Rincon Fire District to deliver peerless care and skill.

However specialized a particular task might be, the core qualities necessary to accomplish them remain the same, and are celebrated both in the Rincon Valley Fire District seal and on the coin featured this month which bears it. “Honor” and “Courage” are watchwords in this traditional red and yellow Maltese cross design; “Prepare, Prevent, Protect” is the motto. For more than 30 years, the brave men and women at Rincon Valley Fire District have shepherded their neighbors through countless frightening and fraught situations, and saved many lives in the process. The horizontal arms of the Maltese Cross attest to the dual nature of the job: to the left, a hydrant for fire protection, and on the left, a ladder and flag for rescue.

Custom First Responder Challenge Coins

When it’s time for your organization to do something special to celebrate a special occasion, turn to Unit Coins. We have been designing custom challenge coins like this for over a decade in the USA, and we maintain a serious commitment to capturing your great idea in metal and resin for years to come. The eye-catching reverse of this month’s featured challenge coin is a
perfect example of what can be done with just a little inspiration: the tiny details throughout tell a special story only the first responders of the Rincon Valley Fire District truly understand. At Unit Coins, we love taking your unique notions and transforming them into a commemorative piece that will last a lifetime. If you have a custom coin design in mind already, just let us know: we
would be happy to create it! If you need help when it comes to just what a challenge coin should be, don’t worry. Our custom challenge coin designers are here to help. Call us today for a free consultation!

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