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Custom Challenge Coin of the Month- September 2018

This month’s custom challenge coins were created for the Killer Recon Troop that serves as part of the “Longknife” 4th Squadron, 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment. A part of the United States Army, this regiment was formed in May of 1846 and was then titled the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen. Since that time it has been reclassified under differing names but has always been a part of the United States Army’s Cavalry. Currently 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment is made up of seven squadrons the Tiger, Sabre, Thunder, Longknife, Steel, Pioneer and Muleskinner Squadrons. The Killer Recon Troop serves as a part of the Longknife Squadron.

killer-custom-coin-3The 4th Squadron “Longknife” was originally part of the Aviation Section assigned to the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Germany during 1961. In 1988 the Longknife Squadron officially came into being. In 1990 they served in Operation Desert Shield in Saudi Arabia. They played a vital role in this operation by crossing over into Iraq from Saudi Arabia and within the span of 72 hours taking pushing forward for more than 350 kilometers. During Operation Desert Shield this squadron created a reputation for themselves as a highly effective cavalry squadron.

After Operation Desert Shield the 4th Longknife Squadron relocated on several occasions and were apart of numerous operations. As time passed new troops were added to the squadron. Currently the squadron has five troops. The first is the Headquarters and Headquarters troop also known as the “Headhunters.” Second is K Troop (Killer), third L Troop (Lightning) and fourth M Troop (Mad Dog). These are three are all recon troops. The fifth troop is P Anti-Tank Company (Predator). They are an infantry troop assigned to Longknife, a cavalry squadron.

killer-custom-coin-2These custom challenge coins were created for Killer Troop inside of the 4th Longknife Squadron. The soldiers that receive these military coins served with distinction and honor. As an acknowledgement for their exemplary service they were presented with these high quality military coins. Dual plated with 3D detailing on both sides it is a truly one of a kind custom coin. The masked gunman featured on this coin is representative of this squadron’s beginnings as armed soldiers on horseback.  Over time the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment has taken on many names and grown to have multiple squadrons and troops but it started as soldiers on horseback serving in the American Civil War. This coin has sought to remind it’s recipients of their origins all the while recognizing them for their service.

At Unit Coins we take pride in providing all branches of the military with custom challenge coins. The military challenge coin tradition has extended to policemen, firemen and other similar civilian services such as the Civil Air Patrol. We are forever grateful for all who commit their lives to serving this country and seek to honor them by providing high quality challenge coins. As veterans ourselves we understand the sacrifice that comes when serving this great country and are dedicated to continuing to serve by creating these quality coins. The challenge coin tradition has been in practice for generations and it is our hope for it to continue for many more yet to come.

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