The “Captain Robert S. Fry” Coin

Custom Challenge Coins For Any Occasion

This month’s featured challenge coin highlights one of the best things about these collectible custom keepsakes: they are great for commemorating special events. In the case of February 2017’s Featured Custom Challenge Coin of the Month, the “Captain Robert S. Fry” coin celebrates Captain Robert S. Fry’s assumption of command at the NATO Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit. Located in Kandahar, Afganistan, the Role 3 Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit has been operating on the front lines of the War on Terror for nearly a decade. It is staffed by not just Americans but also Australians, British, Canadians, Danish, Dutch, and New Zealanders.

The hospital itself is nothing to look at: the onlooker sees only a what looks like a squat plywood shack, surrounded on all sides by massive concrete fortifications. Inside, however, is a cutting-edge military trauma center that serves not only the 15,000 resident workers, soldiers, and civilians living at Kandahar Air Base, but also thousands of other Coalition soldiers scattered throughout Kandahar province. Taking on such a strategically fundamental command is a monumental event. It deserves a monumental custom challenge coin.

The “Captain Robert S. Fry” Custom Challenge Coin

The “Captain Robert S. Fry” custom challenge coin is a true work of art. Composed of durable and substantial bronze, this beautiful custom 3″ challenge coin features fully-color epoxy detailing and raised lettering.

The “Captain” face features the Captain Ashore insignia in deeply-contoured debossing against a sparkling background, finished with Captain Fry’s signature and sequential numbering set off by a red background. A black epoxy ring encircles the Captain Ashore insignia, bearing captions reading “Commanding Officer” and “Robert S. Fry” separated by stars on either side, all raised. Of particular interest on this coin is the bead and rope detailing around the outside edge of the coin. 

The “NATO Role III MMU” face of the coin features a variation of the the NATO seal specially designed for the MMU. This custom seal truly displays the versatility of a custom challenge coin from Unit Coins. In its center is the NATO compass and shield in a camouflage-green palette replacing its typical blue shades. It is encircled by a ring of the ten NATO member nation flags rendered in staggering full-color detail. Just like on the “Captain” face, a black epoxy outer border ring finishes the face with the phrases “NATO Role III Multinational Medical Unit” and “Kandahar Airfield Afganistan” separated by seven-pointed stars making up the raised text portion.Bead and rope detailing is again employed on the edge.

Custom Challenge Coins for Your Special Occasion

When a  special occasion calls for a very special memento, custom challenge coins rise to the challenge. With a storied history and real value behind them, they will tell your story for generation to come. Whether you are celebrating an appointment, a promotion, a retirement, or any other big event, you can rest assured custom challenge coins will keep the memory alive long after the lights are turned out and everyone goes home. Unit Coins offers American-designed and manufactured custom unit coins built to your exact specifications for absolutely any occasion. We will create a coin based on your design, or our in-house custom challenge coin designers will create one for you. Call us today for a free custom challenge coin design estimate.